Winter in Paradise PDF Download

Winter in Paradise PDF Download

By: Elin Hilderbrand
Genre: Fiction & Literature, Family
Relase Date: 2018-10-09


Ready for Book 2!


Too many words to convey story.

sleepless in WA

I loved the story and can’t wait for the “rest of the story” I am quite disappointed in the proof reading that was done on this book...wrong names used...words misspelled....really not a very good job at all.

McAwesome coolness

Not very good. Only redeeming factor is the wonderful description of my beloved St. John!


Loved this book. I was relieved that it is the first in a trilogy. How book two is out soon. I’m glad Elin has moved to a new locale.


The book was ok, not great, until I got to the “end.” I actually thought there was a malfuntion of my iBook app. I couldn’t believe a book would end on that note. Very disappointed...


Terrible ending to have. If you’re going to write a book do it and don’t drop it trying to make money for another.


I loved the book until the ending. It left you hanging with too many loose ends. Very disappointing.

Cheif Keef Solja Boy

Ummmm what happened to the end of the book? I think they forgot to add the pages! Dumb Book!

Pickles 7

Disappointing book!! I have read all of Elin Hilderbrand books and was always satisfied. This book was just so disjointed and no flow. She really didn’t delve into any of the characters deeply and the storyline was weak. Honestly I just kept reading because I was hoping it would get better and the fact I paid $14.99. Don’t waste your time or money on this book.


Where is the rest of the book? This story was riveting until I turned the page to read the next chapter and saw "Learn more about the author." It was the end! Is this the first book in a trilogy? Please say it's so! Even knowing how it ends, I would still recommend it. The characters are compelling, the situation is gripping and the mystery is....still a mystery. Come on........


Great book a page turner eager for the next two