Past Tense PDF Download

Past Tense PDF Download

By: Lee Child
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2018-11-05


Not up to par with past books. Lee seems to be just be filling pages with words. Rambling, disjointed plot.


I've read all the Reacher books (some more than once) this is by far the worst one. If you're just getting into Reacher books don't start with this one.


Dumb. Very disappointed. Hard to follow 2 storylines. Waiting for the next Reacher book with hopes that the formula of Reacher returns.


I would have liked to have written a review on this book, but I can't even open it. It tells me that it's in a format that iBooks can't open...?


This was the worst in the series. No point to any of the story lines. Anticlimactic. Sad. I really enjoyed this series until this one.

SLZ Tahoe

I’ve read every one of the “Reacher” books. I enjoyed them. This was the worst, by far, of any. I’d bet dinner that Lee Child didn’t write it. In fact, perhaps the worst book I’ve ever read.


Read any other two Reacher books and you’re better qualified to write this questionable story line than whoever did...


Unfortunately, Mr. Child has written the worst of Reacher’s books - I have read all of them. Long and tedious narratives about irrelevant facts, senseless characters with no credibility (the guys running the motel?), few exciting parts, Reacher missjng from about 50% of the book. It seems another writer took over.?A major disappointment for me, didn’t see it coming.


No disappointment. Child delivers again. I’d like to write the screenplay


The book through Apple Books is a mess. Way too many truncated paragraphs that stop mid-sentence. Many many typos. The book and story line is not up to Lee Child’s normally good work. Convoluted and disjointed exacerbated by the above issues. A big disappointment.


Almost like The Last of the Mohicans , so many words to describe anything and 90% of action in last 15% of the book.Reacher doesn't walk to a place, instead we are intreated to the weather, the size of his foot,the condition of the road bed, smell of the air, the surrounding countryside and how he feels. Then we get to is thoughts etc.. All of this for a 30 minute walk! Almost half a chapter.


Not his best by far!! Hard to concentrate, the story took you to too many place at once. Disappointing!