Past Tense PDF Download

Past Tense PDF Download

By: Lee Child
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2018-11-05


Too convoluted for me. I love the Jack Reacher stories and normally enjoy them so much I can’t put them down, but this one just seemed to be all over the place. Most of it tied together in the end but there were parts that just didn’t belong really and never came together. Don’t get me wrong, I would still read it, but just not my favorite. Thank you!

N'awlins wino

Typical to lee's work, a real page turner. Very well scripted with a strong storylines! But the ending seemed predictable and less "Reacher". Still enjoyed and recommend.

Joey washington 3

As usual Reacher serves as judge jury and executioner ,However ,this book took some unusual twists and turns that were not expected . I read hour book in 5 hours as I was captivated by the action .


This series is great, and this title continues his legacy.

Reacher Roadie

Mr. Child has held me captive since Killing Floor. I haunt the new releases eagerly awaiting each new Jack Reacher thriller! I feel I know his character from a coffee order to his rank of Major in the military. The story lines are always new, yet readers can be assured every adventure will be true to Reacher’s way. I can’t wait to turn the next page to be in on the action, while knowing and dreading it’s drawing Closer to the end of the story. I never want there to be a last novel!!!! May Jack Reacher rule until I can no longer read or hear! Can you tell I’m a fan?? Reacher Roadie

favorite author reader

Not a good book. Time to end Reacher series


I never wanted this story to end. Loved it from the first word to the last. Makes me wonder how he thinks up such unique situations. Mr. Child’s writing style is probably the most satisfying I’ve ever read. I think it’s the short sentences. Lot’s of sentences with less than 5 words (Reacher said nothing) and I love it. I also appreciate how I never feel lost or frustrated that I don’t know what’s going on. I never feel confused or like I missed something. As soon as a wee bit of confusion starts creeping into my mind, Mr. Child brings out a name or a sound or a place or a color that centers me and lets me know exactly where I’m at. Well done Mr. Child. Please never stop writing these novels.


Not up to par with past books. Lee seems to be just be filling pages with words. Rambling, disjointed plot.


I've read all the Reacher books (some more than once) this is by far the worst one. If you're just getting into Reacher books don't start with this one.


Dumb. Very disappointed. Hard to follow 2 storylines. Waiting for the next Reacher book with hopes that the formula of Reacher returns.


I would have liked to have written a review on this book, but I can't even open it. It tells me that it's in a format that iBooks can't open...?


This was the worst in the series. No point to any of the story lines. Anticlimactic. Sad. I really enjoyed this series until this one.