Becoming PDF Download

Becoming PDF Download

By: Michelle Obama
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs,
Relase Date: 2018-11-13


Open doors to diversity so that we can stop assuming but knowing one another. We love drama and characters in America so be bold and be yourself and share your authentic self not someone’s else’s judgement. Becoming is powerful and inspiring.


I sampled it, and I’m hooked. Amazing work! Such great writing!

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A unique perspective from an inspirational woman.


You instantly fall in love with the woman that we’ve all come to know. From her upbringing in Chicago, to her many academic achievements, and of course to being one of the most prolific African Americans in our history, it goes to not only tell minorities but those who face the challenges of everyday that you can in fact ease up off the wheel and let life take you to where your heart really desires.

Doctor Bonnie

Really awful


I love her and I love this book! It’s a great read from start to finish.


Exceptional. She opened up on everything, I felt every word.


I felt connected with the former First Lady from many aspects: try to prove oneself through education and hard work since very young age, dedicate and determine to stick with the motion of moving format all time, appreciate the value of family, never take anything for granted, and last but not least: we both went to bed early on the 2016 election night.


Eye opening. Sweet. Authentic.


Honest, emotional, authentic.


She has opened up , laid out, and gave a standing ovation to Americans everywhere to take a good look at the Graced and blessed life we have despite difficulties. To give more than you’ve received , to be accountable for each other as we journey through and encounter challenges ahead. To not give up -amid opposition facing our dreams. To love and be loved. To stay focused til the end results peer in as sound facts! To become and “becoming “ -Until there’s nothing but a vapor holding your place in life. She has “ Became “ a legacy in her own right- but her best is -yet to come

Michelle Eyring

This is book was so uplifting to read. It shows everyone a side of Michelle Obama we did not fully get to see during her time at the White House. I always loved her but through reading this book I fell in love with the way she views women, marriage, family, and the world. Through her life story I feel empowered to be a more strong, optimistic, and motivated person. As a teacher I feel empowered to invest even more time in everything that I teach my students about their education, health, and the world. Thank you Michelle Obama for sharing your story with us.