Erik PDF Download

Erik PDF Download

By: Sawyer Bennett
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-11-05


I adored this book, it was simply perfection within its pages!

Christine Miller28

There is always something so great about a second chance romance. This one though I really connected with. I loved that Erik didn't remember Blue and that she didn't put up with any stuff from him. He strived to show her how much he had changed and how much he wanted her and wanted to be a part of her life. This is another great hockey chain from Ms. Bennett. I love these hot hockey stories with cocky jocks who fall hard for their women. Another great read!


Erik and Blue were such a good story, I really enjoyed reading it. If you love hockey and love stories, this is one you don’t want to pass up!


Sawyer Bennett delivers another fabulous hockey romance. Erik is a swoon worthy and steamy story well worth the read. Another 5 star read!


How do you overcome a horrible first impression? Especially when you don't even remember it. That is exactly what Erik must accomplish with Blue. Blue has a mountain of responsibility on her shoulders and no where to turn for help. Enter Erik. It takes time but eventually Erik wins Blue over until a new tragedy hits. Will he be able to fix this lapse in judgement? Will Blue forgive him? And what is Tacker's connection to all of this? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for the next installment of The Arizona Vengeance.


Overall, Erik felt like a treat. A big delicious, romantic treat for the heart! I can’t stop swooning! I’m absolutely smitten with every little detail that makes up this story. Sawyer Bennett captured my heart with this one and I think this is one of her best book to date (which is saying a lot). Watching the professional hockey players and notorious playboy, Erik Dalhbeck mature into a open caring man, i was in book heaven. Every moment with Blue and Erik was an ultimate pleasure. I had belly flutters, little electric sparks zapping me as I read. There is such beauty in this love story, such decadent sweetness, filled with heart and heat. Seriously, this book is perfection. It’s filled with all the heat and humor I crave and all the heartwarming, heartbreaking emotion that I can’t get enough of. Through funny, witty banter, burning attraction and the upheaval of loss, this story kept me glued to my kindle. So what are you waiting for? Don’t pass this book by. Get your copy of this amazing book and get reading - you are in for a treat. There aren’t enough stars for this one. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


The storyline and development of Erik and Blue's relationship was interesting to read about, especially their little twist towards the beginning. Blue is caring and sweet, especially with her brother. I liked the Billy aspect of the story and found all of it very interesting. Erik really is a great guy. He's super sweet and patient with Blue and just wants her to be happy. I love everything he does for both her and Billy. I loved getting more about the other guys. I really want to know more about Tacker, he just seems so complex and intriguing. Legend's parts were very funny and I can't wait to see how his book is going to play out.

april R H

Arizona Vengeance’s enforcer ,Erik is known has a playboy so he’s having a hard time getting Blue,the beautiful flight attendant to give him a chance. Such feels!! Erik is one swoon worthy guy! I loved the way he was so taken with Blue and Billy. The story was beautiful and heartfelt,bringing so many emotions to the surface,especially the love between siblings. Sawyer Bennett did a incredible job of putting you right there with Blue,Billy and Erik. Can’t wait to discover more of the Arizona Vengeance!

Judy Hartley

It’s time for Erik and Blue’s book., Erik Arizona Vengeance book 2! I have been eagerly awaiting its arrival since the first book and the banter we witnessed between these two in that book. And I was not disappointed. Not at all! Erick Dahlbeck, the up and coming star for the Arizona Vengeance, feels an instant attraction to Blue, the Vengeance’s flight attendant. But Blue certainly doesn’t doesn’t feel the same about Erik. He has a well know reputation with the “ladies”. You can feel the chill in the air when she rebuffs him time and time again. As a matter of fact she seems a little hostile towards him. But this doesn’t stop him from pursuing her. Nope! It just makes him want to get under her skin even more. Blue Gardner has a big chip on her shoulder when it comes to Erik. She’s hurt fist and foremost when he doesn’t remember her from a previous meeting. And second she just doesn’t have time for him right now. She’s busy with more important things. She can’t loose focus on her responsibilities. And she knows all to well that Erik could definitely make her loose focus. When Erik stumbles upon Blue in her off time he finds out what her priority in life is at the moment and it makes Erik realize that she’s got a lot on her plate. After Erik gets a glimpse of her present situation Blue soon realizes she probably has misjudged Erik. But unfortunately she just isn’t in a good place to pursue the possibility of a relationship. Let alone one with the rising hockey star. Or will Erik be able to tear down her walls and show her that he’s in this for more than a fling? I really enjoyed this entertaining, emotional and steamy read. You definitely can’t go wrong with Erik and Blue. You will enjoy every moment as Erik and Blue find their way to their HEA.


I love love love when a man steps up in all the ways that count. Erik does just that in this book and it warms me from the inside. Add hockey into it and it just makes it better.


Absolutely loved this book! It would seem that Erik & Blue were destined to meet again and get a second chance together. (although he doesn't remember her at all). Erik plays for the Vengeance and Blue is a flight attendant on the team plane. Blue will not give Erik the time of day and he has no idea why. Blue's life is complicated. She can barely get by on her salary to pay for the group home her brother lives in. She is his only family left and has been part of his care-taking for most of her life. When they finally clear the air, they make an unusual deal for her to go out with him. But Erik steps up and does what she asks him to do because he really wants a chance to be in Blue's life. Erik has quite the rep as a ladies man but underneath it all he is the sweetest man and has an incredible heart! I love how big he loves Blue and Billy and how he just wants to be there and be supportive in any way possible. He's just amazing! This story brought out many emotions in me but ultimately the joy of watching their journey to a beautiful happily ever after.


I am always up for a good sports romance - especially hockey ones by Sawyer Bennett and Erik is one of my absolute favorites. This is book 2 in her new series, Arizona Vengeance, but it can be read as a standalone. This book sucked me right in from the beginning, moved at a good pace, and kept me entertained until the very end. I really liked both Erik and Blue. Playboy heroes with hidden depths and a good heart tend to be my favorites and I couldn't help, but love Erik! Blue has a brother with cerebral palsy and this book touched me in many ways as I have a daughter with special needs. I felt that I could really identify with her. You can tell that Sawyer Bennett does careful research for each of her books. This second chance romance is low on angst, has some great humor and romance. Erik has HEA with no cliffhanger. I received this book as an ARC and I voluntarily leave this review.