Cemetery Road PDF Download

Cemetery Road PDF Download

By: Greg Iles
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2019-03-05


Thought the book was exceptional; couldn’t put it down. However, all of us are so tired of our national political problems and conflicts and wish both parties would grow up. Unfortunately the book had political leanings...when most of us want to just enjoy a good read. There’s a time and a place.


Great read as with his other books! It was hard to put down. Anxious for his next novel!


I wasn’t planning on buying it but after reading reviews from cry baby magats, I knew I had to read it!! Excellent, intelligent read!

ladybug 5252

My first Greg Iles book but not the last. Beautifully written with enough plot turns to make you dizzy. So worth the time to read it.


Huge fan of Greg’s work, started with Quiet Game which was great then all of the others never disappointed. Honestly could have done without the political statements contained in this read, one of the reasons I do read fiction is to escape the craziness of today. Poker Club was a bad group of dudes for sure, much like the Double Eagles, enjoyed how they got what they had coming at the end of the book. Not a bad read but not the best, bring Penn Cage back.


Really need to keep your political opinions out of your books. And to think I purchased this. Can I get a refund?


Engrossing, sometimes compelling, not predictable. Rolls right along with enough introspection to be a serious read, not a light read for lazy minds. A very good book.


Another great read. Deeper and even more engrossing for including the current cancer of bigotry, lies, and misogyny that threaten our country. If it offends some trumpskins , maybe it will also spur a few to eventually move out of the swamp of their rationalizations. A must read!


I’ve liked all of the books by the author, but I believe this is my favorite yet.


I’ve always been a big fan of Iles. I’ve read everyone of his novels. So I was very disappointed to find out he is a bleeding heart liberal that allows his biases into his writing. There was enough anti Trump, anti capitalism, anti Christianity and pro gay lifestyle in this book to make you wonder about his intent. Most of those topics did not add anything to the story and if removed would have changed nothing. I’m sorry to say this is the last book of his I will ever read.


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Trite predictable and horribly political. Keep your options open on another profession if your next effort is anything like this garbage. So bad. Why did I finish it...??