Lovers at Heart, Reimagined PDF Download

Lovers at Heart, Reimagined PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-10-10


Melissa Foster you are an Awesome Author!! Lovers at Heart #1 was Great but WOW Lovers at Heart Reimagined is *Spectacular *Amazing!! I was totally taken back and forth from book to book this Reimagined story is So Real So Full of Family, Honor, Respect, Love feelings that bring the whole family to a New Beginning. Brings out the ugly past to show family strength!! Hal is My True Hero-his Love runs So Deep it’s Breathtaking:) “Hope” my Love of Horses goes deep I Truly Believe in A Horse Whisper & True Down Home Cowboy Honor!! A MUST Read❤️🤠


Lovers at Heart by Melissa Foster is Treat and Max’s story, reimagined and I absolutely loved it. For me this is the first time I have read Treat and Max’s story and could not get enough of this fantastic couple there is such great chemistry that just draws you in. There so much emotions between these two there is a bit of fear, a whole lot of passion and really wonderful romance. This is a story where two people share one incredible evening together and have such a connection, due to a misunderstanding things change for these two and it’s not till they meet again that the real story starts. I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend it. Hope you will enjoy as much as I did. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.


I’ve read Lover’s at Heart, the first book, and since Treat is one of my favorite Braden’s I was more than excited to read Lover’s at Heart Reimagined. I’m a sucker for stories that touch all my emotions and this one did it in spades. Lovers at Heart Reimagined is a sexy, deep, touching story built on family, faith, chemistry and love. I love Treat, Max and all the entire Braden clan.


Max and Treat have spoken over the phone numerous times while making preparations for an upcoming wedding. When Max walks into Treat's Nassau resort, he is immediately smitten. After an amazing night spent walking the beach and talking, Treat wants more. When he sees Max entering an elevator with a man the next morning, in the same clothes as the previous night he can't believe his eyes and wants nothing to do with Max. Only, he can't forget her. Fast forward several months....Treat heads home for some down time with his family. While meeting up with his sister at the festival, Treat sees Max and vows to make things right and make Max his. Max isn't easy to figure out and it takes patience and understanding to help her overcome the pains of her past. Until Max confronts her past, they won't be able to move forward as a couple. As much as I LOVE every Melissa Foster novel I've ever read, I highly recommend reading the original story of Max and Treat. Although I read the original novel several years ago, I don't recall it being so overwhelmingly sweet. I enjoy entertaining, romantic, stories that end with a HEA. At times, their journey was sooo unbelievable. I believe in fate and in things turning out as they're meant to be, but I don't think fate works in our favor 100% of the time. Proclaiming forever love after a couple of dates, to the Knock Out roses being the exact ones that lined Treat's cottage, to the magical ability to leave work and hop on a plane on a whim, to purchasing a whole new wardrobe to please your significant other....Separately, they are believable but combined a little too unbelievable. With that being said, I thought this version was entertaining, just not relatable to me. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.


Delish sexy fun story that shows that we all have it demons in life and how some overcome them. Treat and Max are two amazing people who work hard at getting their happy ever after.


This was my first foray into the Bradens and I was not let down. A lot of family dynamics. A lot of self inspection. A lot of finally talking things out. A lot of miscommunication. Max has internalized a lot of things in her life. That's how she's become the person she is and how she is so good at her job. Treat wants to be the man she needs, but he needs to come to terms with his own demons. Treat was only 11 years old when his mother died. His father fell to pieces and Treat had to become parent to his brothers and sisters. For the next seven years he made sure they were taken care of. Then he escaped. That's when family dynamics changed. It took him coming to terms with walking out on his family and why and admitting it to his family before the family dynamics started to fall back into place. Meanwhile Max is dealing with her fears of Treat resenting her if she asks him to change his life. Her fears are based on assumptions made back in college during an emotional time. It took her confronting her demons from that time to realize what she thought wasn't reality. The shopping spree with Kaylie sounded like so much fun. I'm looking forward to more of Hope and her conversations with Hal.

Kahea46/Books n Wine Blog

***3.5 Stars*** Have you ever read a book that, when everything was said and done, you can honestly say you enjoyed even though there were some things that happened in it that had you going ‘Really? Seriously???’ and had you arguing with that little voice in your head over the rating which makes it difficult to get the words for a review out? Well, THIS is that book for me. Overall, I really did enjoy this story. I got sucked in to the MC’s journey and NEEDED to see how they worked out all of the issues they were dealing with. It was sweet, smexy and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next, but I gotta be honest and say that there were some things that had me doing the rapid eye blinking in disbelief thing which then led to the rolling of the eyes thing. Treat and Max are both sweet, hard working and just all around good people with good hearts. But both of those hearts have been battered and bruised by past events and they are carrying the weight of those events around them like bullet proof armor which has kept them from living their best lives. I really liked both Treat and Max, and I empathized with all that they had gone through in their lives, but I won’t deny that I liked them a lot more once they decided to truly do something about the demons that plagued them. As for their journey to their HEA...this is where things got a little murky for me. I have no issue with insta-love, I don’t and I love when one or both of the parties involved are all about communication and being as absolutely honest as they can be, I really do. I love it when adults act like adults and for the most part Treat and Max do act like adults. But there were times when the honesty was a bit OTT for me and didn’t give me the swoony twitterpatted feelings they should have. I hate to admit that, but when I have a “really” moment I can’t just ignore it. Outside of that. Treat and Max are cute together and I liked them together once they worked through their issues. Now, for the whole ‘Reimagined’ situation. I have not read Treat and Max’s original story, I have it, but there are just not enough hours in my day, so I did the most rational thing and went and read the reviews for it on GR and made sure to read not only the positive ones, but the not so positive ones, and feel it’s safe to say that the Treat and Max in the Reimagined version are more mature than they were in the original. This was a difficult review to get the words down, but sometimes it happens. But regardless of my issues, the writing was engaging and I definitely enjoyed meeting the Braden clan, all of whom have some issues they need to work through and had me wanting to reach out and Gibbs smack some sense into them, but also had me wanting to know more about all of them, so I’ll be add the rest of the Braden family’s books to the TBR and will hopefully get to them sooner, rather than later. ~ Copy provided via the author & voluntarily reviewed ~


Treat and Max are my absolute favorite couple and started me down this Braden obsession! It was so much fun getting to experience this couple from a different angle and fall in love with them all over again!


Loved coming back to where it all started. Treat and Max are probably my favorite Braden couple simply because they were the 1st. Their rocky start and determination to not lose the second chance they were given despite their differences give me hope. I love how Treat refused to squander his second chance with Max. Reading this story is like slipping into your favorite pair of jeans they just fit perfectly.

Suzanne Golt

This book begins a new series featuring the Braden family and you get to meet Treat Braden and Max Armstrong who were introduced in “Sisters in White”, Book Three of the Snow Sisters (Love in Bloom Series). Treat is a smart, handsome, successful wealthy resort owner who travels the world in his line of work. He met Max six months earlier at a wedding in the Bahamas and they were immediately drawn to one another and had a very passionate one-night stand. Even though he wasn’t looking for a relationship, he couldn’t forget her and knew she was different from the other women he has been with. She, too, felt an immediate connection, but Trent misunderstood a situation the next day and that one mistake made her run from him. She had a tragic situation happen to her in the past, and it was holding her back from finding love. Max tries to forget her, but can’t and heads home to his family’s ranch. Those scenes are my favorite parts of this book. Melissa writes about family connections and relationships so well, and it is during this time Treat and his dad and siblings talk about past pain, and learn to forgive, accept one another and heal. The really love and support one another and Trent’s morals and empathy are what makes him such a great man. Max and Trent meet up again in his hometown of Weston, Colorado, where she is working as an event planner for the festival in town. This book is “insta-love” and very sweet. They pretty much immediately start dating, clear up the misunderstanding from their night in the Bahamas, and eventually find their HEA. I like how they are honest with their feelings and don’t play games. Max is successful businesswoman who is a bit OCD, and I really liked her independent character. She comes to terms with someone from her past and I admire how she handled that situation, and how he was willing to change direction in his career path so that they can be together and focus on family.

Helene Taibleson

Lover’s at Heart is where it all began for the Braden family and Treat is as alpha as any can be and Max is the woman he never thought he could or should want and will do anything to make her his. Maxine Armstrong has had a lot of hurt and pain in her past and doesn’t need any man in her life to validate it. However, Treat Braden isn’t just any man. But as with any relationship out there, Treat and Max’s relationship is anything but. How they overcome that is at the crux of the story as well as their love for each over. Do I recommend this story? Duh, of course I do. I’ve loved every Melissa Foster story I’ve read. She pours her heart and soul into every book she writes.