The Wicked King PDF Download

The Wicked King PDF Download

By: Holly Black
Genre: Action & Adventure, Young Adult
Relase Date: 2019-01-08


Holly Black did it again with this amazing sequel to The Cruel Prince! I’m already anxious for the next installment.


When will the next book come out because how that ends is crazy like omg I can’t I can’t believe it please tell me the next book will be soon because idk if I can handle not knowing what she will do or if he even really trusted her, but he had to of like come on, she has to have some power Can mortals really not become that like what!


Okay so I am about to start reading this new series by Holly and I just have to say I am so excited. Holly is my favorite author and her series ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’ were the first books to become my favorite and gain my interest. I remember writing Holly letters and getting letters in return. Holly is the soul reason I read and write today.


This book if for the readers that often find themselves guessing the ends and so called “plot twists” of books. All the schemes and betrayals will keep you guessing. I cannot wait for the next book!


Iconic book, I hope there is another in the series.

waterstar lover

Ok the first book was one of the best books I’ve ever read. If this one even 1/2 as good as the other one it deserves a big fat five star rating! I can’t wait to read and I know and hope I won’t be disappointed!😁