The Reckoning PDF Download

The Reckoning PDF Download

By: John Grisham
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2018-10-23


Not his best

Doug Kinney

I bought the book despite the poor reviews. As it turns out, I agree with all the reviews – they were accurate.


Wasn’t sure where this story was going, and the ending just confirmed my thoughts. The story has its moments, but just never hit its stride.


I usually love John Grisham. This book a long winded snooze fest It went on and on with extra fluff. Terrible


Somewhat disjointed at times and hard to follow. Not one of the better Grisham stories and I’ve read most all of his novels. Still an interesting read; I just didn’t like the ending.

Volunteer Dave

Great great read. Lots of information about the war times kind of bogged me down, but otherwise I love this book. It was a different type approach taken by a great writer. Can’t wait to read the next John Grisham book. David.


Mr. Grisham artfully juggles his story so even avid readers stay a bit confused about where the plot is going. His depiction of life in rural Mississippi is spot on for those of us who were raised there and the war experiences described are so realistic I had to remind myself this is not a biography. I gave this one four stars because I found the lawyers less brilliant than other Grisham characters, but I still heartily recommend it as a great read.


I love John Grisham and have all his books. I had a very hard time getting through this one. I hated the sequence in which it was written. The war stories were too long. It had a very unsatisfying ending. This is the only Grisham book I own that will be donated to the library.


After a couple so-so books, The Reckoning is one of John Grisham’s best novels. However, a word of warning, the second part of this book is a harrowing depiction of the Bataan Death March I found very difficult to read. That is not to say it’s bad, it’s just not what you would come to expect from a John Grisham novel. I also dare you to put it down once you get to the last 100 pages. The ending is one of his best.

B. Wolper

This was a book with believable, colorful, characters. Starting at the beginning you were gripped by the personalities. Grisham‘s use of time manipulation was very skillful.We started in The present. He took us to the past. We finished once again in the present. Pete was torn by something he felt he had to do. Throughout the novel, we, the reader, we’re always trying to guess why he did what he did. I am thankful that all came out at the end. I highly recommend this book and would be surprised if anyone could read it without putting it down.

Team Cricket

Well that's 1 week of my life I'll never get back. Wretchedly long winded.


I could not put this down. From the minute I picked it up to the minute I finished it. 2 days. The plot is amazing, the characters rich and luminous. Passion, ethics, history and everyday people woven into a tapestry of life and sorrow. Bravo to the author.