The Clockmaker's Daughter PDF Download

The Clockmaker's Daughter PDF Download

By: Kate Morton
Genre: Literary, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2018-10-09

Made up name 69

I have read several other books by Kate Morton and enjoyed them all. I couldn’t get past the first 100 pages on this one before I had to quit. Too confusing. Couldn’t remember all the names. Just couldn’t do it.


I so enjoy all of Kate's books - the mystery, the going back and forth in time keep the story interesting. We just moved to a new house (named Thornbury Manor) and it made me ponder the people who lived here before me - even before this house was built. I am looking forward to her next novel.


Oh my gosh, this was so hard to get through! It was about 100 pages too long. I found the story idea interesting and usually enjoy reading books by this author. However, this book went on and on full of "fluff" and circling around avoiding getting to the point. So many unimportant side trips. I literally was able to skip pages & still felt like it was droning on & I hadn't missed a thing of importance. And then the ending was so anticlimactic & abrupt after all the circling around to get there I was left feeling disappointed and annoyed. This was not her best story at all. I'd wait and check it out from the library if you feel you must read it. Perhaps this fulfilled something for the author, but honestly, I felt like it was a book written to satisfy a contract.


I was disappointed in this book as I really liked her earlier works. It skips backwards and forwards in time and can get confusing trying to keep up with the characters and interwoven plot. I also thought it ended abruptly and left several assumptions hanging.

Historical fiction lover

I have read many of Kate Morton’s novels and was so looking forward to this one...I even preordered it. I was sorely disappointed! The plot jumped around too much and the story line just did not hang together. Also the character development left much to be desired.


Kate Morton has done it again and I’m not particularly fond of types of ghost stories or supernatural but she has a way of telling her. I’ll stay in her loop til her next book comes out.