Five Feet Apart PDF Download

Five Feet Apart PDF Download

By: Rachael Lippincott
Genre: Romance, Young Adult
Relase Date: 2018-11-20


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U have to watch this movie. It’s so sad but it’s amazing.

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Highly recommend!!!!


Are usually don’t read books and for some reason I decided to read the sample to this book. I fell deeply in love with the book and purchased it that same day. I found myself so caught up with the story that I didn’t want to put the book down. It is an emotional roller coaster and I found myself crying multiple times. I recommend this book 10 out of 10. I honestly can say that I’m really excited for the movie and to see how the developers of the movie make the book come to life.


so amazing

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Looking for an emotional roller coaster, read this book please! This had put so many plugs on me that can’t be unplugged. It is a truly beautiful book, and it’s fairly on top as one of my favorites of all time. So gently put together and made so much sense. The characters are well designed and explained. Everything is perfect and you’ll laugh and cry and be attached and feel the book honestly. I felt everything I read inside and I honestly felt like I was in the story. Absolutely perfect. -ally


I have never been so invested in a fictional story. I HIGHLY recommended this book!


I laughed and cried through most of this amazing love story. My heart raising every time they were six feet apart...loved it ❤️


Rachael Lippincott’s novel reminds us of why YA is such a powerful genre. Stella’s determination and hope are the pillars that drive this young woman’s love story. It’s infectious, unyielding, and part of the reason why Will falls in love with her. Cheers to books that remind us to hope.


This book is so amazing!!! Though I still ache for Will and Stella, I know it’s for the best. There better be a sequel where he gets cured and they get matter how unrealistic. 10000000000% recommended!!!


Este libro es lo mejor que e leído que e leído./This book is the best I've read that I've read.