Flashback PDF Download

Flashback PDF Download

By: Shannon Messenger
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Relase Date: 2018-11-06

grandma g force

Oh cruel world why the ending. I loved it it may be a bit long for some people but I think there is not enough long books in this world. I LOVE sofitz. I love Keefy, he’s the best. Why in the world do Sophie and Fitz keep getting interrupted when there having a “moment”. I also think silveny is cool.


I love Keeper of the Lost Cities. I have for years now. However, Flashback fell short of the books that came before it. There were several times throughout this book that I had to stop and wonder if I was reading an actual book or a well written fanfic. There's almost no character development for any of the characters, Sophie acts very strange, and as usual Fitz is a total jerk and completely gets away with it. The first few hundred pages were extremely hard to get through. The book is very boring up until about the 500th page, and even then it's only interesting until the very end. This book took me more than a week to get through. I read every other book in this series in a day. I know Shannon can write fantastic books, but this is not one of them. I'm also tired of Sophie getting so many body guards. What is with that? At this point there are so many body guards I'm having trouble keeping track of which belongs to which character. It's really annoying. Besides, it seems to me like Shannon doesn't want Sophie to solve anything. Her body guards barely allow her to do anything. Also, with this book, the plot of the overall story isn't moved forward at all. This really just seems like a filler to me. Other than the Alicorn babies being born, nothing really happens at all. We find out that Bo and Ro are married, but that doesn't really affect the overall plot of the series at all. I feel like this book save for the alicorns being born could be completely cut out of the series and nothing would happen. The end changes things up a bit, but it just feels like Shannon copied the end of one of her previous books and switched a few names around to me. As usual with Keeper books, the main characters barely do anything. This is a problem that I have always had with this series. Their solution in this book is to train more. That is it. That's literally all they do. At this point, I feel like the Blackswan beating the Neverseen is completely unrealistic. I already sort of felt like that, but this fanfic of a published book sort of just cemented that for me. I also think that Sophie was very out of character the entire book. She said and did things that I would not expect her do. Shannon has established Sophie as an anxious, serious, girl with a good sense of duty. I didn't see very much of that this entire book. Sure, you need to develop your characters, but that takes time. You can't just drop bad traits or make them act different with no warning or reason to It's just annoying and lazy. Speaking of lazy, I found this entire book very lazy. There was no plot to it at all. The fandom loves this series, so I feel like Shannon could make the next book a seed catalogue and people would rave about how much they love it. Writing a book with 90% filler chapters, though, is so lazy. I was very annoyed with the way this book went. In addition, Dex, Biana, Lihn, and even Keefe this time barely got any page time, as usual. See, everyone has known that Dex is always getting left out by now, and most of us are very irritated by that. Shannon never seems to give him more parts, though. At this point, though, Dex isn't the only one being left out. Biana was barely present the entire time, and most of the time when she was in the book it was because she had snuck in using her vanishing ability. There was no excuse as to why she wasn't in the book, either. Dex, once again, was largely forgotten for the story. The part with Tinker a few hundred pages in was kind of neat, but it seems to me like Shannon created Tinker simply to get Dex out of the way. I feel like it was a lame excuse so that she could go back to writing without using an amazing character like Dex. It was almost as if it was so that she could say, "See? There's a reason he wasn't in this one that much." I was really hoping for Dex to be in this book more, but of course he wasn't. Fitz also seemed so much worse this book. He's already established as a bad character who somehow has fans, but he spent the whole time being a complete jerk. He yelled at his best friend and blamed him for things beyond his control. Some of those things were things that Keefe was already very upset about, but Fitz didn't have the humility not to yell at him. He also spent the entire book having everyone treat him like a man baby because he can't control his anger. This annoys me so much. I'm someone with anger issues, but I don't treat the people around me like absolute trash because of it. He also acted extremely entitled as usual and emotionally manipulated Sophie several times throughout the book. Every time she told him that she had decided on something yet, he acted so disappointed in her. Bottom line, Fitz is a total jerk and was ten thousand times worse this book. I would have been very happy if he had just stayed sedated the whole book. I felt a bit as though I might be being harsh on this book, so asked my friend who also loves the series her opinion on Flashback. She said pretty much everything that I did. It also took her much longer to read this one than it did the others. I was glad that someone else shared my opinions considering that there is only one other actually critical review on here. All of the five star rated reviews were mostly posted before the book came out. There's a reason for that. Overall, I am very frustrated with this book. I don't think it was a very good story and it's actually made me less excited for book eight. Last year I could not wait for the seventh book to come out. This year, Flashback has me so underwhelmed that waiting for the next book doesn't matter to me at all. I'm giving this two stars instead of one because overall I love the series and Shannon is a good author even if I think this book is a dud in the series.

romance reader :)

Omg this book was so good!!! I just loved it! And finally, the thing we’ve all been waiting for... Fitzphie!!! Ok I know a lot of ppl r team keefphie but cmon, Sophie and Fitz r perfect for each other!!! But poor Keefe, it’s so obvious he likes Sophie. But I’ve already shipped him and Biana so he should be fine lol. But guys, y’all know what one person commented on fandom?? They said that Sophie likes Fitz with her mind but she likes Keefe with her heart. Like, what?? Who ever heard!!! It doesn’t even say that in any of the books. And if ur reading this, person who said that, u need Jesus 😂 But really all these ppl on team keefphie need to start paying attention. Sophie likes Fitz with her brain and her heart. And y’all need to remember that even tho y’all may like Keefe, it doesn’t mean Sophie needs to like him. GET IT STRAIGHT!!!!! I realize I’m making a really big deal out of this bc Shannon Messenger is that good. I mean, I’m thinking abt this stuff all the time (mostly during class lol) but I just love these books!!! I can’t wait for the next one!!! I thought this book was kinda slow too but I’m a really fast reader so it only took me like, three days. And I have a few friends who also love this series and they’re team keefphie. I asked them y and they said that “Fitz is a jerk”. I mean I guess Fitz is kind of a jerk, but think of what he’s been through. At least Fitz is taking it like any normal 17 year old boy would. Honestly, when u really think abt it, he’s just trying to make Alvar pay the price for choosing the bad side. Trust me if I had to go through what poor Fitz has gone through I would be worse lol Also, I feel I need to refresh some of y’all on a few things. Fitz is frickin’ HOT. Am I the only one that thinks he looks like Josh Hutcherson on book five??? Everyone’s saying Keefe is hotter but really?? I think it’s just the super light blue eyes. Cause I don’t find spiky hair good looking. Fitz isn’t going around acting like a three year old. *Ahem Keefe*. When is Keefe gonna grow up??? Like stop tryin’ to act like goddamn superhero by going to the never seen. He found literally nothing worth crap. And if they lost him poor Sophie would blame it on herself for no reason at all. And y’all need to stop dissing Fitz!!! It’s just how the book ends up! Y’all need to except that. And I CANNOT see Keefe and Sophie together *gags. I think of Keefe more like Sophie’s “gay best friend” but not gay (ew). Ya know? Well now that I’ve clarified a few things for those haters, I’m gonna dab on them for behalf of the book. *dabs (lol cringe)

sophie and keefe!!!

I just finished all 845 pages.....it was exactly like all the other books and absolutely zero happened!Besides for Sophie and Fitz getting together but we all saw that coming so....yay.There are WAY to many characters to keep up with! Please just give us an end to the series!!!😕😕😕😕😕


This is my absolute favorite book series and I’m a teenager in high school so this series should definitely be reclassified? (I think that’s the word) as a series for all ages. Btw my mom and one of my former teachers also likes this series!


OKAY. SO. We read them all, ALL SEVEN BOOKS, and F I N A L L Y Sophie and Fitz got together! Yay... I mean... Biana said that Fitz liked Sophie since Alluvetier (if that's how u spell it) and that's when she was totally stressing over those dumb trust exercises! Oh WOW! What a coincidence-NOT. Hello! Sophie could have just told him then (as I told her repeatedly in my head) and they could have been together. ANYWAY. So, for book eight, there are THREE options that WILL happen (regarding the match) and everyone knows it. So here they are: #1) Sophie will find out who her parents are (because that's obviously why she can't be matched) and yay Fitz and her can be together and finally kiss for realz☺️ #2) Sophie and Fitz will break up 😭☹️ because Fitz just CANNOT deal with the scorn of a bad match #3) Fitz will DEAL with the bad match and NOT care like the nice person we know/hope he is 😂and just stay with Sophie anyway. Regarding Keefe: Keefe used to be one of my fav characters and now he IS NOT. Why? Well, he's just such a depressed sad boy. His parents are bad, his ability stinks, and his crush is in a relationship. His jokes aren't even half as funny anymore. He even had a chance at being with Biana (way back when she liked him**) but he turned her down for no reason. If dies, I won't be upset. Regarding Biana: I'm loving this girl more and more. She needs to be with Dex, who I was hating in the sixth book with all that kissing garbage, but now, (**) I think she'd be awesome with Dex. Tam: hate him. He's just a copy of Keefe. Linh: she can enjoy her life with Wylie. Good bye😄👋🏻 About Alvar, R U KIDDING ME?! He shud have died! Then Fitzs Fam wud be back to norm!!! Well that's the end. Overall, I ❤️ KOTLC!!!!


First of all, I looooooovvvve this series, so OF COURSE I’ll love this book! Second, noooooooo EVIL CLIFFHANGER ALERT 🚨Third, I own a SIGNED COPY!😁 I’m so lucky!☘️


For the record, notice how no team foster-keefe shippers have commented since the book came out...🤣 don’t know why but I find it hilarious. Now for the review. To be frank, I felt like it was SUPER stretched out and there were soooooooo many filler chapters. I can’t say that as an author, I’ve never done that, and it’s a book for 12 year olds soooo... also, at this point, Shannon has the entire fandom wrapped around her finger, so the plot can pretty much do whatever it wants and people would love it. The point of me writing that part was because THERE WAS NO PLOT IN THAT BOOK!!!! I was sitting there reading it and thinking “are you ever going to get back to the defeating the neverseen??? Orrrrrrr... I think the reason they keep losing is because she never focuses on the plan, or the TOTALLY OBVIOUS stuff like the whole burn thing in book 3. And I do not think it should have taken her that freakin behemoth of a book to figure out she was broken. Soooo this book was totally useless other than the fact that she got a useless, sexist, paranoid, stupid, violent, cruel, obsessive, ugly (compare the pics on book 2 and book 5 and tell me I’m wrong.) and conceited boyfriend. It’s not entirely that I ship the other guy more (he just looks better on the cover) it’s that I hate fitz because he’s a douchbag. If you haven’t read this book, don’t. You can skip it. Spoiler: alvar is still bad and absolutely no one cares, Sophie gets a bf and like 4 new guards, and tam gets taken- that was the only thing in the book that wasn’t total junk. That was what got this review 2 stars. Agriato!!!!

Ava #2

OMG I LOOOOOOOOVE THIS BOOK! If the next book came out right this second, I would be first in line! BUT WHYYYYY THE ENDING?! AND NOW I HAVE TO WAIT A YEAR! My real dilemma is I don’t know whether to ship Sophie and Keefe or Sophie and Fitz!!!! They’re both really cute together! Why Shannon, why can’t you wright faster?!?! Truth be told, this is my favorite series of all time and I don’t ever want it to end!! You wright the things that put together this AMAZING book! It means your probably one of the best authors EVER! I’m so addicted to KOTLC!!! SPOILER ALERT! How could you leave us on a cliffhanger and say that Sophie’s unmatchable?!?! Now the Fitzphie ship might not sail if Fitz doesn’t want to be a bad match!! Ugh! Seriously, Shannon, you are my favorite author and I want you to keep up the series!!! I don’t even know if I can wait a hear for the next book to come out yet! And we don’t even know the next books name!!! Keep up the good work Shannon!

Evie from the foofy club

BTW, SOPHIE’S GENETICS ARE ALTERED. She has DNA from her unknown parents, an alicorn, and probably a ton of other stuff. No WONDER she is unmatchable! Plus, fitz and Sophie might not care wether they’re a bad match or not. They will probably still date or get married or whatever. At least we all know that another book is coming out. (Oh,and Shannon? Please have some fitzfie kissing in the next book!)merry Christmas and a happy new year. Evie from the foofy club


Fitzphie for life!!!🤩🤩🤩 (spoiler alert 🚨) WHY DA HECK IS SOHPIE UNMACHABLE?!?!?🤯🤯🤯 I love you ❤️ but dat endin tho... IS DA EVILEST CLIFFHANGER IN DA HISTORY OF CLIFFHANGERS!!! I’m coming for you.🤡🔪


This series is so good. Amazing. Love it. Fitzphie for ever 👍. Just read it, even if you think you won't like it, your wrong. This is the best book that's ever existed. So. Good.