The Wedding Guest PDF Download

The Wedding Guest PDF Download

By: Jonathan Kellerman
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2019-02-05


I’ve always really enjoyed Kellerman’s Alex Delaware books, but this one was TERRIBLE. The dialogue between Dr D & Milo is bizarre and their dynamic is way, way off. (So much so, I actually wonder(ed) if Kellerman actually wrote this book.) Odd speaking patterns & verbiage is repeated by multiple characters. The plot was half-baked. With the exception of Blanche (the French bulldog), every female character is portrayed in an extremely harsh, unflattering manner. I had to struggle to even finish the book, which is really sad because these books have been a fave of mine for years.


Plot was too loose. Not enough character development. Lots of tail chasing and then poof, killer caught. Not a fave and I normally love them all.


Very disappointing, little thrill or suspense. What I always enjoy, however, is the banter between Alex Delaware and his partner Robin and sidekick Milo. In this book there wasn’t enough of that and the plot was thin. It was hard to care about any of the characters and that’s a prerequisite for me. Sorry, Kellerman, this was a miss not a hit.


I’ve read all of your books, this is the worst!


Well plotted, interesting story. Would have liked a bit more secondary character development.


Enjoyable read. Author engages reader with the mystery as well as fleshing out characters we’ve been watching for decades.


I've read the Alex Delaware series from the first book to this most recent. This is the best one ever. Mr. Kellerman will be hard pressed to top himself, but I look forward to his effort.


Couldn't get through even the first couple of chapters. Terrible writing.