The Hookup Handbook PDF Download

The Hookup Handbook PDF Download

By: Kendall Ryan
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2019-03-19


I usually enjoy Kendall’s books very much, but something was missing with this one. I just couldn’t get into it, didn’t feel the chemistry at all... and it felt “hollow” somehow...


What another great novel by Kendall Ryan. A must read. Does not disappoint!


The Hookup Handbook is AMAZING! I read it cover to cover in one afternoon, I just couldn’t get enough of Case and Sienna! Case and Sienna’s story was lighthearted, fun and sexy, yet had a touch of drama..everything you’d expect from a Kendall Ryan book. This brother’s best friend/office romance had everything...flirty banter, sexy times, friendship and family! The chemistry between Case and Sienna has me in love with this couple, from start to finish with the cute epilogue, I fell hard for them! The Hookup Handbook is one of Kendall Ryan’s best and I recommend it highly!


I loved this book! The Hookup Handbook is my new favorite book by Kendall Ryan. It’s funny and sweet and sexy. Poor Case, convinced his “stick” is broken, is having issues writing his book on sex. Sienna needs a summer job, at least. But put these two together, it’s pure comedy. The push/pull and banter between these two is fantastic. And the best-friend’s-sister/brother’s-best-friend and a fun and interesting twist. Loved this book! And I’m eagerly waiting for her next book.

Ms. Jessie

Chase was the escort that ever women wanted, until his joy stick would not work. When Sienna riders baby sister came to work for Chase for the summer Things we’re good. But after that first kiss chase was back and the chemistry between Chase and Sienna Was hot. A must read book


I absolutely adore Kendall Ryan and “The Hookup Handbook” is just another brilliant example of WHY I love her work! Each book brings something new and unexpected and this was no different! I LOVE Case and Sienna so much! Their chemistry was so strong throughout the book that I could physically feel it as I was reading heart beat faster, I had butterflies in MY tummy! This book is nothing short of perfection and I can’t wait to see what piece of heaven Kendall delivers next!! ♥️


Case is perfection in his career, in his looks, and his chemistry is off the charts. As owner and CEO of the cities elite escort service and top escort with women asking for him by name. Case is the epitome of the complete man. However, Case is having some performance issues and chalks his body’s failure to stress over his book deadline. Ryder is Case’s best friend and second most popular escort. Ryder has asked Case a favor employ his sister over summer break as his assistant. It’s here that the ultimate chase begins. This their story one of family, love and happiness.


Kendall Ryan provided a wonderful light hearted HEA reading experience. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and while this couple had their challenges it was a sweet read. Kudos to the author for this 5 star book.


Case and Sienna took me on a fun and sexy ride. Case is the ‘expert’ on all things sex related, running a successful escort agency but he’s finding that his most valuable player is rather limp. He also needs to write an amazing ‘how-to’ guide for men sharing his sex secrets but he is behind schedule. The answer to all his problems is his best friend’s sister, Sienna, to get him organized and on a schedule. What Case never expects is the intense reaction he has to Sienna and her no-holds barred approach to organizing his life. Sienna doesn’t want to like Case but the more she peels back his layers, she finds a man with a heart of gold. I loved their chemistry and how they pushed each other’s buttons. This was a fun, sexy escape that I devoured.

Crystal's Book World

The Hookup Handbook was hilariously amazing! Case and Sienna were the perfect couple. When they weren't pretending to despise each other, their chemistry was off the charts. Kendall Ryan brings it with the heat factor. Check list that I needed from this story: Forbidden Romans....Check! Office Romance...Check! Steam factor that will melt your kindle...Check! Drama...Check! HEA....Check!!! You get it all! The Hookup Handbook will have you laughing! Sienna's character will have you saying, "You go Girl!. Case will steal your heart ladies!


The Hookup Handbook was cute. The storyline was good, I liked the whole book writing part of it, that was interesting. Even though the book doesn't span too long of a time, it felt like Case and Sienna gradually formed their relationship. It didn't feel rushed, it felt more natural this way. Case is a good guy, especially to his mom. He may seem a little rough around the edges at first, but you slowly get to see his true self. Sienna is smart and talented. She's eager to help and good at what she does. I like how she is with Case and how she helps him. I thought the book was enjoyable.


Case runs an escort service. Lately he feels the pressure of running the business and writing a how to manual for pleasure. When one of his employees asks if he’ll hire his sister he figures why not. When Sienna comes in he realizes he got way more than he asked for. Super sweet and sexy romance. Case is a hot alpha type but not conceited or a jerk. Sienna is a grown woman trying to find her way. Great chemistry and tension. Kendall Ryan delivers a story with a solid plot, plenty of heat, and a perfect ending.