An Anonymous Girl PDF Download

An Anonymous Girl PDF Download

By: Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2019-01-08

Arnies volunteer

Great book.….a must read. Twists and turns up to the very end. Enjoy!


Can a book be falsely advertised? I usually don’t leave reviews, but in this case I have to make it clear that it is not as twisted as they hype this up to be. Although I appreciate the storyline and the character development, there really is not anything that took me by surprise or by shock. I was looking for a dark, suspenseful, “never saw it coming” story, and this one is not it. While it starts off slow and is pretty repetitive, the storyline of the character, Jess, and the connection to the antagonist, Dr. Shields, has some appeal.


This book is by far the best one I’ve read!


Couldn’t put it down. Their writing is amazing.


It was a mediocre read. It wasn’t very suspenseful.


I read this whole book waiting for some major flip flop of characters that was unexpected and there was no payoff at all at the end. I’m so confused. It seemed to have intrigue throughout, but then, nothing. :(


Okay, I needed to amend my earlier (lukewarm) review as I’d written it when I was only halfway through this book. I (finally) just finished this book, & while the consistent use of the passive voice still distracted me to no end (not to mention felt a tad pretentious), I see now how it served a purpose. Thoroughly enjoyed this one ‘til the very end (just like ‘The Wife Between Us’).


Painful to finish but hoping there would be a conclusion that made sense. No such luck.


These authors have wowed me before with crazy endings I loved. Reviews had me expecting the same this time. Not so much. Felt like I invested a lot in the twisty story to only come out with a mediocre ending. Not bad, but not great.


I like a story with twist. I read their first book “The Wife Between Us” and loved it, I have to say the same about this one. Ladies, don’t let me down on #3.


Definitely had a hard time putting this book well my iPad down. Would definitely recommend to a interested reader. Great job ladies!!!


It was good and kept me intrigued, but it was underwhelming and predictable.