The Silent Patient PDF Download

The Silent Patient PDF Download

By: Alex Michaelides
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2019-02-05


I can’t believe folks didn’t figure out the twist that was coming. I knew as soon as the narrator talked about his life growing up and wanting the job so badly


I know he is the one! Splendid! Very impressed movie script.


Excellent! Could not put the book down.


A gripping tale that only took me 3sittings to get through. Really well composed


I think the prologue is what kept me interested. Knowing that she loved him made it hard to put down. I liked that it was like a diary, so you got it from her and knew that it was all true. The part about Alicia Bersons story was kind of boring. Though it was still intriguing. Her story was good, I think it added puzzazz to the story. I just think he should of said they had a big fight before. Then the narators story, it added my favorite thing that could be in a book. Reality. It also taught me what it is like to have a bad past. I just dont really like how then he became a therapist. He should of had a big dream like to be an actor. Amazing!


It was clever. But find it hard to get past the Botox Bimbo he chose to represent an American in this book. Unfortunately her character spoke the wrong kind of volumes to me about this author’s view of us. If you want me, as an intelligent and VERY American reader, to continue to read your books- do not tread on my countrymen with such insulting depictions of us. The book was ok but that character was enough to ensure I will read no more of this author’s books.


Amazing twist! Highly recommended. I didn’t stop reading it.


Loved it.


A real page turner! Many twists & turns! Shocking ending. If this is author’s first novel, I’ll look forward to his next!


I had high hopes for this book, despite being a first novel for a new author. I was disappointed and taken aback by the odd pacing and cliche, forced dialogue. I often found myself eye rolling. The characters were shallow and didn't have strong backgrounds. Details and personalities that were provided throughout the story just led to false hopes and dead ends. The author should study Nolan in order to learn how to write a thriller.


This book kept my attention, some nights I couldn’t put it down, some nights I couldn’t wait to lay down and read! Highly recommended.


The ending is amazing.