A Delicate Touch PDF Download

A Delicate Touch PDF Download

By: Stuart Woods
Genre: Action & Adventure, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2018-12-31


This certainly isn’t early SW. The blatant political bias, bordering on ranting at some points, is starting to detract from this novel series. That being said, I’ve read all the Stone Barrington books and this one isn’t bad enough to stop me from buying the next one. But, it’s getting close.

Read While flying

Stone meets girl. Stone sleeps with girl. Girls life is in danger. Stone gets on plane and hides. It feels like the Stone Barrington theme is getting old. Initial books were top shelf reads. Now it’s all the same story line different settings.


This book will keep your attention. Very quick read.


Stone Barrington (& the author), back in good form.


This is so fast paced and intriguing I simply could not close the book...until the explosive ending. Another winner from Mr. woods.