Finding Alexei PDF Download

Finding Alexei PDF Download

By: Kendall Ryan
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2019-01-07


This is awesome, I enjoyed every bit, couldn’t put it dow so I was done in no time.... I need more 😍


If I could give this book more than 5 Stars, I would. This was the swooniest (if there is such a word) book, EVER! Alexei was the best. I absolutely loved him. From the beginning to the end. Sorry folks I choose him. He's MINE! No seriously this book was just fantastic. I loved Ryleigh. She was such a good h. I loved how strong she was. She didn't want help, from anyone. She wanted to do things herself. That gets her a vote in my book. I really enjoyed Alexei and Ryleigh together. They had awesome chemistry. I can't remember a time where I've felt like dancing over a book. This one does. It makes me want to just up and just dance. I loved their relationship. I loved their interactions, their intimate moments. I don't believe there is anything not to love. I am the happiest girl right now. Way to go Kendall Ryan, you wrote a masterpiece!

Myleigh H

Loved this book—really the whole series! Very hard to stop reading once you start. Ryleigh was so relatable and come on, the boy?!? Every woman’s night and shining armor dream!


Oh how did I love Alexei?! Typically you think of the sports star as too cocky, overly confident and just not an attractive personality. Alexei is all that - sort of. He's cocky and confident, but in a way that's hot. And let's just say that I was a bigger fan of him than Ryleigh. This was a real story. It was a story that I could actually imagine happening and not finding it more of a fantasy. Plus in this book, there are some of other favorite Kendall Ryan characters. Not saying who, just some make some guest appearances. Definitely a book to read again - Alexei is just way too dang swoony! <3


We catch a glimpse of Alex(Alexei) in Dear Jane, and I wasn’t sure I would like him all that much, but my initial reaction was wrong. Alexei...I absolutely LOVED him. Talk about make your ovaries explode!! I could not put Finding Alexei down once I started. I loved watching Alexei and Ryleigh’s story unfold. This is a MUST read and Kendall did a fantastic job with their story!!


Really enjoyed the story of Alexi and Ryleigh! Just a football inconsistency that bothered me as a fan.


Beautiful sexy in an heated discussion on the windy street in Chicago with a larger overpowering man, her coat not warm enough but her chemistry is off the charts. Sexy professional football’s alpha line backer Alex steps up to rescue the young women in distress. That’s when these two characters first collide. Proud independent Ryleigh doesn’t believe she needs rescued but in reality she does. Ryleigh has no ride and needs to get home to a baby that isn’t hers. Ryleigh is proud and admittedly grateful that the handsome stranger steps in. He introduces his self as Alexia even though the only people who call him Alexia is his mom and sisters. It is here their story begins when Alexia eventuality takes the young lady and her baby to his home overnight. But a temporary overnight becomes more and this is their wickedly awesome story of love, laughter, death, life, trust and football. A five star read and a book I read in one setting and that I’ll read it again.


Man, I feel like a waited for this book forever. I loved the first 2-4 chapters and being the teaser, hook, line, sinker. Loved it. So... when it finally did come out... worth the wait! I loved this storyline. I like the down on her luck and the hottest, most chivalrous man ever. (But has a very dirty mouth). This book is a quick read with awesome character development, strong plot, hot scenes, and a HEA. What’s not to love!?


When Alex sees a girl getting hassled outside a topless bar, he is compelled to help her out. Ryleigh needs to get home to get her roommates baby. Her ride ditched her and when the imposing Alex offers her a ride she has no choice but to accept. Inventive use of the surprise baby trope. Alex was a sweet squishy alpha. Ryleigh is doing her best to get by. I liked how the relationship progressed naturally. A sweet and spicy read.


I'm speechless! Every time I read another Kendall Ryan book, I'm in love all over again! This is the 4th book of hers I've read and I'm obsessed! She's my favorite author and if you don't read this book, you're missing out completely and I feel sorry for you!!


Once again Kendall delivers a modern tale filled with such sweet and sexy moments that it takes you completely by surprise. Alexei (Alex) who is a good guy seemingly rescues a damsel in distress and it turn into so much more. Ryleigh is a young woman doing everything she can to makes ends meet when her roommate leaves her with a surprise she wasn’t even ready for. This dynamic pair couldn’t be any more words apart but together their a force to be reckoned with. I love this delightful read and you will too!!!!


This book had the potential to be better but it was too rushed. Girl meets guy on the first night and agrees to sleep over at his place with a baby in tow. Storylines was ridiculous!!!