I Owe You One PDF Download

I Owe You One PDF Download

By: Sophie Kinsella
Genre: Fiction & Literature, Romance
Relase Date: 2019-02-05


I Owe You was a bit hard to get through in the beginning. It was whiny, slow, and a little boring. But it did get better in the second half. Kinsella has a way of making you relate to her protagonist even if you’re not really enjoying the plot. It wasn’t a masterpiece by any stretch of the word but it was a decent read; I enjoyed it.


Characters, plot, conversations... all terrible. Wish I could get my money back.


Ok for me it was a creepy. I have lost my dad. Older brother and sister very much like the two in the book! So for me I found it funny and a little to close to the best at times. I wish I could be ninja nece! Thank you for sharing your story with us.


Unexpectedly charming. A fun, light read.


Started slowly but, as always, it was still very pleasurable. I recommend the book as I do with all of this author’s work.


Three siblings who have been thrust together to run their parents local store after their father passes away and their mother has her own health scare. Mom leaves the country to travel entrusting the store and its success to her children who have many differences with one another and only one of whom is invested in the store and has experience of working there. The youngest of the 3, feels inferior in her older siblings shadows. Her sister is married and self absorbed and her brother is the golden child and is said to run multimillion dollar-companies and is in process of receiving his MBA. When they all come together, the truth of all of their lives comes forward and things aren’t as they have seemed to be. The climax of the story is watching the younger sibling come into her own and discover who she truly is versus who her family thinks she is. Her self discovery leads to a strong woman who no longer allows others to take advantage of her meek demeanor and kindness. Overall was a fun, easy to read book with typical characters and one brilliant and witty main character.


Have generally loved Sophie Kinsella so couldn’t wait for this book to be released. That said, this a great story altogether but it got to a point I found Fixie to be unnerving and just wanted to finish reading the book knowing everything would be alright in the end


I’ve read all of SK’s books and adored them. But this one was hard to get through. The main character acts and thinks like a 14 year old. Her decisions and inner thoughts were absolutely cringeworthy until the very end of the book, and painful even then. None of the characters are likeable. Everyone is selfish and horrible to each other. Do yourself a favor and skip this one.

Love to Read 18

Fixie lives up to her name, always fixing things. The story begins when Fixie saves a strangers laptop. The stranger, Seb, writes Fixie an I Owe You on a coffee sleeve. Fixie has no intention of calling in the I Owe You but her feelings change as the story progresses. I truly loved this story. Fixie begins the story as a timid, mind in the past, putting everyone before herself girl. I enjoyed watching her grow through the story. The book is a light hearted, funny book and fits in very well with Sophie Kinsella’s book. I highly recommend this book!!!