Gentleman Sinner PDF Download

Gentleman Sinner PDF Download

By: Jodi Ellen Malpas
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2019-02-05


I absolutely loved this book. The characters are easy to fall in love with and very believable. It was refreshing for Theo to have a good mix of the alpha male dominance, yet it didn’t go too overboard into the realm of controlling and unhealthy. The plot line is great, and I loved the way their complicated pasts unravel at the end to give great understanding into the main characters.


I had high hopes for this book! Sadly disappointed. I read all the This man books and even the audio of them and loved them! The audio book voices in this book are bad. It sounds like two teenagers are reading this or characters out of a Harry Potter movie are reading it! Not to mention Theo and Izzy??? Someone actually approved those names??? Imagine yourself in a steamy sex act screaming out one of those names! I just couldn’t! I even laughed at it some.

~Mindy Lou~

Move over Jesse Ward cause Theo Kane is coming to town! I am in love with how this couple began. Izzy is a nurse who stumbles upon a beaten woman on her way home from the hospital, only the perpetrator has not left yet. In comes Theo to save the day and boy did he make an impression. There is a lot of mystery about both Izzy and Theo's past that you know was very bad for both of them. What I loved was how Izzy seemed to be the only person that Theo could stand touching him. He avoided all physical contact except from her. When he realized how strong of a connection he has to her, he knew he would never let her go. If you are a fan of the alpha types who take what they want, then you are going to love Theo. Izzy is hesitant due to her past and Theo just bulldozes right through. He pretty much stalks her in the very beginning. His care for her is very sweet though. He knows how precious she is and just wants her safe. You don't know Theo or Izzy's full story through most of the book. You just know it's not good. There is a lot for both of them to overcome but what I loved was that it was never an interference form other men or women that stood in their way. The conflicts in this book were all due to their personal demons they were fighting. This is a standalone book and has the sweetest epilogue. The author did leave things open to possible explore two of the side characters. I'm really hoping that is in her plans cause she gives us just enough to have me curious.


I loved this book! It has the same quality story as the This Man Series, I couldn't put it down.


🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Gentleman Sinner is getting the flames instead of the stars because it just is and this is my review and I’m saying it does!!! Just when I thought Ms. Malpas couldn’t give us a more damaged, HOT, ALPHA hero, she gives us Theo F^cking Kane!! Theo is a man you love right from page one and I did! I was intrigued by him and his past; enter Izzy.....when you have a hero that has a history that is not “good”, you expect the heroine to be the one to save him....but what if the heroine needs saving too? I was blown away by how Ms. Malpas spun Theo and Izzy’s story. The twists and turns that the reader will experience were CRAZY but pure perfection!!! Now, my emotions: I was all over the place! Txting friends with how I was feeling. My anxiety peaked quite a few times.....for me, if I’m not crying then my heart beat better be it was!!! Plus, I have added a new man to my BBF harem.....Theo Kane.....holy f^cking hell!

Ma 317

Intoxicating characters who gripe your heart. Two lost souls who triumph with other. You want to grab some wine, tissues, and pillow because you will need them to deal with the emotions you will feel. One more thing once you start this book you will want to finish


I was a little disappointed in this book. It was good but not up to par with her other books. Theo is a good main character and Izzy is too. The books waits for the last 3 chapters to get into the juicy stuff and then rushes to an end. Thank god there an epilogue or the story would have gotten less stars from me.


So boring I kept skipping pages. What’s happened. I use to enjoy this author but each new book less and less.


Sucked into the story from the very first page. As soon as you meet Theo and Izzie, you know you want to follow them both down whatever path they lead you down. This path is a dark tunnel that you don't know where it will lead and when it will end, but the only thing you know is that you want to discover more. Theo is a broken man that makes you want to heal him and wrap your arms around him. It is easy to understand why Izzy is drawn to him and hates him at the same time. Theo is just magnetic and even though he has flaws which make you want to smack him, you can't turn away from him and hope he finds his way. Just amazing from start to finish.

Virna Thompson

Every time I pick up a Jodi Ellen Malpas book, I know it will be an amazing journey and I have not been disappointed yet! In Gentleman Sinner, we get a story about two broken and lost souls who never imagined finding love, much less their other half. But things are never that easy. I am not sure where to begin. I absolutely loved Izzy White and Theo Kane. Izzy has been living life cautiously for years. Her story is so heartbreaking. Even so she fought hard to make something of herself. Even if letting others in from outside her small circle is very hard for her. So, when she helps a woman in need, she has no idea how much her life is about to change. Though she is vulnerable, she is so strong and determined as well. Theo Kane protects those he cares about and those in his circle. He is so strong, determined and above all else always needs to be in control. He is a man that is feared and revered. Then he meets Izzy and his dark world finally has some light and hope in it. But can he protect her from the danger not only around him, but from himself as well? Gentleman Sinner by Jodi Ellan Malpas consumed me from start to finish. The characters were captivating and their journey mesmerizing. I devoured this book as quickly as I could. Izzy and Theo shared a strong and unbreakable connection. My heart hurt for them and cheered them on. This story was emotional, heartbreaking, full of angst and a bit of suspense and I loved every minute of it! This is a must-read and one I highly recommend! Read and reviewed for Reviews From The Heart! Happy reading!

I Love Story Time

Entertaining storyline: ✔️ Broken, alpha hero: ✔️ Strong, feisty heroine: ✔️ Steamy love scenes: ✔️ Fun, lovable, supporting characters: ✔️ HEA: ✔️ I Love Story Time Recommended: ✔️✔️✔️ What more do you need? Gentleman Sinner has it all! 💗Lys


Izzy White has come a long way over the last few years to escape a past she would rather forget. She finally feels safe and at home working as a nurse at the local hospital. That is until she meets the hot and mysterious Theo Kane. Theo Kane is ruthless to strangers but loyal to those he cares for. No one dare crosses him and no one dares to get close. Izzy is not like the typical women he comes across. Together they both are fleeing from pasts that would rather be forgotten. The passion and angst are combustible! Gentleman Sinner starts off pretty fast and slows down to a simmer but if you just hang on to the wild ride, you will be left wanting more! There are parts that are predictable but then you turn around and it takes you on an entirely different path that you didn't see coming! I also loved reading about Jess and Callum their best friends. I hope to see a book in the future with them! Just the sparks flying from them has me wanting MORE for their story!