The Fifth Risk PDF Download

The Fifth Risk PDF Download

By: Michael Lewis
Genre: Political Science, Politics & Current Events
Relase Date: 2018-10-02


Not his best, story went no where but was still worth the read given the political situation we are all in and concern over government working for the people. Support NOAA and any other government agency you rely on, we all do and may not know it.


EVERY American should read this book and take in the material with an open mind. If we don’t we will truly be doomed.


Wow, what a great book. I always pick books that I feel might test my political views, most of them do for a day two, this one continues to resinate.

johnny spastic

Awful attempt to persuade reader that government is useful. Private enterprise would do a better job if given the same footing! Johnny spastic




I can’t figure out what the point of this book is. It’s just a few interviews with some civil-service workers whom Lewis seems to have selected at random. They’re all unhappy with the Trump administration because there is no direction from above. I get that, but Lewis makes that point in the first few pages. After that, it just rambles along with one pointless anecdote after another.


I thought this book was more about the Trump administration not staffing various positions in the federal government. Instead it was a fascinating look at what leads various government employees to do what they do, and how important (and underappreciated) their jobs are. In that regard, the book was fascinating.


I have always enjoyed ML’s books and agreed with and learned things. This one was a flop!! Michael I’m sorry you don’t like President Trump, at least half of the country loves him. He won and I’m guessing your candidate lost. Go back to your old style of writing and keep your political beliefs to yourself.

Hetz W.

What a great presentation of facts, people and circumstances into a story that is hard to put down. As scary as many of the details’s important for all Americans to understand the current state and the amazing people that have insured our safety and security throughout their service to our country and communities. Well done...I only hope Mr. Lewis gets on more shows to share his findings. I see another movie in the making soon.

Ms. Hush Puppy

Is this a book? I read this in e-book form so when it ended, I was surprised. Lewis's thesis is not fully-fleshed out, but is well-supported in parts. No real conclusions or predictions or parallels to other branches of government--why or why not.


I highlighted very liberally reading this. The core premise - that the United States government is something that most people really don't understand, or understand the ways they depend and have depended on it, and that the Trump administration is dedicated to staying ignorant even as they're charged with running it - is very effectively communicated. But what's more, Lewis - as he always does - is extremely adept at actually educating you in the process and making you care about the things he cares about. Some of his personal portraits, too... Fantastic book. If you want to better understand some of the pieces of our government, and understand the stakes of placing them in the hands of inept cronies... read it.


Slow but satisfying. The author has a knack for shedding light on the unnoticed facets of our government. And the negligence that they are faced with in this administration.