The First Lady PDF Download

The First Lady PDF Download

By: James Patterson & Brendan DuBois
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2019-03-12


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How can ANYONE allow a James Patterson audiobook to be so full of mispronunciations?!?!? I mean things like Secret Service being pronounced Secret Servant. Who is in charge of this zoo? No pride in the job being done - no sense of the honor this woman had in doing a Patterson audio book - no concern on the part of the audiobook producers to even listen? Once? Shame on all of you - the riddling of this read with agonizingly stupid mispronunciations is unforgivable. These pronunciation gaffs ruined the book for me. I wish I could give it zero stars.




I bought this audiobook to provide entertainment on a recent road trip. It was easy to listen to, plot-wise, and kept me engaged. The one negative was that the woman reading the story weirdly mispronounced seemingly simple words that should have been caught and fixed in the editing process. After a few head scratchers, I started keeping a list: Stirrups (steerups) Fuselage (I don’t recall how she pronounced this but it wasn’t right) Pasta (Pazz-ta) Potomac (Potta-mac) Brusk (broosk) Maryland (Mary-land) GITMO (G-I-T-M-O) Sig sauer (S-I-G Sauer-but only the first time. It was pronounced correctly after that)


I listen to audiobooks, and read books FLOTUS, Might want to correct this word exchange. As always a great read . I think the the 1st lady needs to do her real job. Leave the book reviews to people who truly appreciate talent! Her small highlights were rather ridiculous in light of the fact James Patterson is amongst the top loved fiction novelist in the world, His character development is in the top 5 writers of today. I can without hesitation I’ve read each of his books, his characters will live on forever,


I read a LOT of audiobooks and James Patterson. I could not avoid sending because I was shocked with the errors. The woman reading/performing The First Lady Calls the secret ‘servant’ on multiple occasions (service should be used, and since this is about President & First Lady it should be a given it is right) and Potomac - mispronounced. Just had to share.