Junk Mail PDF Download

Junk Mail PDF Download

By: Kendall Ryan
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2019-04-23

Ms. Jessie

Junk Mail was one of my favorite books, I loved and enjoyed it. With that sassy grandma you have laughter romance, and some sadness. But it’s a must read.


Love this story! It was light-hearted & witty! Gram is a pip!


Don’t waste your money on this one. I had to skim it because Peyton was the typical ditz and honestly deserved to get screwed over.


I am a huge fan of Kendall Ryan. What a great read. I love the accidental way they meet and all the fun in between. No spoilers here but you will thoroughly enjoy this book. Gran has a special place in my heart and Brody, well, he’s a typical guy!


I like Kendall Ryan and this book was definitely worth a read, but I have a few issues with how the blurb made it seem like Peyton hated him at first sight. That was not the case at all. Was there embarrassment? Yes, but not a thing about hate. Also the knuckle dragging caveman thing wasn’t even really mentioned in the beginning of the book. I was rather disappointed about the lack of explanation on the part of Peyton with the knuckle dragging comment and I feel as if the dense nature of some of the characters just to cause problems was a huge problem towards the climax of the book. Overall, I’m not mad I bought the book, but part of me was expecting a bit more character growth and reasonable thinking from the characters during certain scenes.


Hilarious beginning through to a beautiful ending. Love it!

Virna Thompson

Every time I pick up a book by Kendall Ryan, I know I am in for a great read and I am never disappointed! In Junk Mail we meet Josh and Peyton and let me tell you, the way they “meet” was everything! You see, Josh thought he was sending a sexy pic of himself to someone who asked for it, but he ends us sending to someone else, wrong number and all. But instead of being embarrassed, they both own it and have some great back and forth banter. Imagine their surprise when the next day in a very important meeting for both of them, they discover who the other is. Talk about awkward. They now need to be professional, but how to you ignore some incredible chemistry? And these two had steamy chemistry! I loved both Josh and Peyton. They were both great characters. Junk Mail by Kendall Ryan was such a fun and adorable read and one I highly recommend! Happy reading!

Kelly_BTC Blog

A feel-good, forbidden romance filled with laughs, charm, and an overabundance of steam! Kendall Ryan gives readers another exemplary story with it’s originality and fresh and hilarious outlook on sexting gone wrong….or very, very right in this book. *wink* Josh and Peyton were adorable! Their insta-chemistry was perfect for the story line, given how complicated it makes their professional partnership. Their flirty interactions and sizzling attraction provide the plot its intrigue and fascination, allowing the reader to feel engaged with the forbidden quality and outcome of their relationship. But as fun and light-hearted as the overall tone of the story is, misunderstandings and miscommunication reveal that even the most effortless romances aren’t without its own complications. Junk Mail is sexy! It’s lively and comedic dialogue pairs perfectly with the witty and entertaining story line that makes this book a for-sure must read!


Junk Mail was quite entertaining! How Peyton and Josh first "meet" is hilarious! I enjoyed that concept as well as the rest of the storyline. I enjoyed their relationship and how it develops. They're both interesting characters who work too much, and don't have time for a real relationship. I think they're cute together and very fitting for one another. Gram is a hoot! She's so spunky and hip for an 82 year old, I love her. She added even more entertainment to the book. Junk Mail was an enjoyable read!


When Josh sends a provocative picture to a number, he thinks it’s the girl he’s been chatting with on a dating app. When the reply is who’s this he realizes he has been duped. To make matters worse the girl he sent it to is involved with his company. Super sexy fun read. Peyton is a great heroine. Her feisty grandma adds some fun. I liked how driven she is. Josh is the perfect blend of hot and sweet. The book is a fun and flirty romance. Really enjoyable and well written.


I flipping loved Josh and Peyton. Their chemistry was off the charts, and their first interactions were beyond entertaining. There was the perfect amount of drama in this story, thanks to a certain best friend (who I would LOVE a story on eventually). This was a well written story, that will have you falling in love with not just Josh and Peyton, but also the secondary characters in this book. I would definitely recommend this read!!

Crystal's Book World

Kendall Ryan had me laughing hard with Junk Mail. Oh how much I loved Josh. He is confident, sexy, and oozes nothing but cockiness. That is my kind of man! After the "mistake" was made, he took it all in stride. When he is met face to face with his recipient, I could not stop snort laughing. I truly enjoyed this book. I absolutely fell for Gram. She is spunky and a real fireball. She lives life to the fullest no matter her age. I want to be like Gram when I grow up ;) Peyton gets her backbone from Grams. I love how she took a mistake text and rolled with it. I am sure she will save that picture for years to come. I loved the banter and the off charts chemistry. Junk Mail has a little bit of drama as a twist and I was hoping these two would get their HEA. This is why Kendall Ryan is my person when it comes to sexy Rom-Coms. I could never get enough laughs while blushing at the same time.