All the Way PDF Download

All the Way PDF Download

By: Kendall Ryan
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2019-09-24


Awful! I cannot believe I paid $$ for this! Just. No.


Can a former player have what it takes to change up his game and show up for real? That's the question I had when I started ALL THE WAY, the second book in the Hot Jocks series by Kendall Ryan. After all, Owen Parrish was the good-time guy, hitting and quitting all of the puck bunnies when we first met him in PLAYING FOR KEEPS (Book 1). Here, though, is his chance to redeem himself, to step up and be more than that. And, because Becca has such a particular and difficult history, he's going to have to truly man up if he wants to make a difference in the way that she needs him to. When I first went into this book, I wasn't sure what to expect, or whether I could get behind the premise of the story. I will say that Kendall handled a subject that could be a potential trigger for people gracefully and kindly, and was able to keep passion, humor, and friendship at play, which made all of the difference. ALL THE WAY is not only a story of growth for Becca, but for Owen, because he has to dig deep and take a hard look at himself, and decide whether or not he can be the friend, and the man, that Becca needs him to be. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, mostly due to seeing Owen live up to his potential. It's the perfect follow-up, and wraps up nicely for both him and Becca, and I like knowing that I'll see more of them as the series progresses. Now I can't wait to see what Kendall does with TRYING TO SCORE, next up, because Teddy King is a handful, and seeing him deal with the 'L' word is going to be a treat. Read on, saucy readers, and enjoy. ❤️


I love sports books and I love the way this Author writes them. There's enough of the sport, but not too much to overwhelm the rest of the story. This story had some tough moments but it was written very well. I swooned over Owen, even as he made me shake my head. I truly enjoyed this story. Becca has a bit of a past, and honestly? It broke my heart a bit. This isn't an issue I've read a ton about in romance books, but I think the Author handled it gracefully and honestly. Becca is the kind of girl you want to be friends with. She's smart, kind and loyal. She's someone I would absolutely hang out with. Owen...I'm not sure what exactly I expected. After reading the first book and meeting Owen (If you haven't read Playing for Keeps it's ok, this is a standalone!) I wasn't sure I was going to love him. But I really did. He had me shaking my head a little at times but once he was all in? I absolutely loved him. I believed in the chemistry between these two. I didn't always love Owen's hot/cold attitude, but again, that got better. I think their sexy times were perfect for THEM. I loved seeing these two friends take things to the next level; watching them process their feelings and figure out what they really wanted was fun. The secondary characters here were fun without overwhelming the story. The story flowed for me very well. I do think the Author tackled a delicate part of the plot very well; again, it's not something I've read a lot of in the romance world. All the Way was a quick read for me. It left me smiling for sure. I look forward to seeing cameos of these characters in the next book in the series. I enjoyed this title and would recommend it.


Becca is the best friend of Owen’s sister. She works for the team he plays hockey for. She has had a traumatic past and after a drunken night decides Owen is the perfect guy to help her back into the dating world. Owen is a player. He only does one night stands. When Becca asks for his help he is compelled to try. Super sweet romance. The past trauma is handled delicately. Owen is a great player turned sweetheart. Becca is so realistically portrayed. Steamy and sexy read with a lot of heart! This is the second book in the series. It could be a stand alone but is probably best enjoyed after reading the first in the series.


Another fabulous book in the Hot Jocks series. Owen and Becca were a fantastic couple. Not sure if it was because they were such great friends or if Owen just finally found the perfect woman for him but these two had phenomenal chemistry. Becca was tired of being afraid of physical contact with a guy and wanted to start dating and she decided Owen was the perfect guy to help her get past what was holding her back. Owen was her best guy friend and he had the experience with women to be the perfect choice for Becca. I don’t think either Owen or Becca expected the explosive chemistry the moment they first kissed. I absolutely loved everything about the journey these two took together, not only did Owen help Becca but it opened up Owen’s eyes to what he wanted too. I loved seeing Justin and Elise again in this book and a hint of what to expect from Teddy and Sara. This is another great book in a great series. And I can’t wait for the next one! Each one is equally fantastic!


Becca and Owen have been best friends for a long time. Of course she was best friends with his sister first, but they have their own special friendship. He’s a hot hockey hunk, and she’s the girl that works for the boss and knows all about hockey. So of course they become best friends! That all changes when Becca basically propositions him to get her back in the saddle after she was assaulted many years ago at college. Becca trusts him and that’s important considering her past. Owen truly love Becca as a friend, and would do anything to help her, so he does. I really loved Becca and Owen’s story, because although Becca’s past experience was heavy, her story now was showing how much of a survivor she was. Obviously not everyone’s experience/recovery with assault is the same, but I did love this take on it. I also loved that of course this best friends with benefits relationship unexpectedly turns into more. It honestly felt very natural and sweet. If you’re looking for an easy read, that has the best friends to lovers trope mixed with hockey romance, then you will love All the Way!

Bibliophile Chloe

I am so loving this new series by Ms. Ryan! All The Way is Owen and Becca's story.  Now while each book in this series can be read as a total stand alone, I was fortunate to read Playing for Keeps and you get to see a small glimpse of Owen and Becca.  These two characters intrigued me. This is a true story of patience, friendship and above all else the healing power of love.  But not to make it sound too heavy you get the laughs and the swoons you expect from Ms. Ryan. Becca is trying to still trying to find herself after a horrible incident in her past and with the help of one of her best friends, Owen, they do just that. Owen, oh my me, this hero is just everything! He is the epitome of patience and giving and just all the goodness!  And THEN you add the alpha to him and it just cranks his hotness up to an eleven! I love this cast of characters, I love the world that Ms. Ryan creates with this series and I cannot wait to read more!!


This book made me so happy! I enjoyed it so much, and I smiled so much! Becca had a trauma in her past and asks Owen to help her, and we are off to the races from there. Becca is such a strong, brave woman, and I adored her and felt for her. I loved that Becca and Owen were friends first, and she felt comfortable and safe with Owen from the beginning. Owen was so sweet and gentle with her that it was swoon-worthy! I loved that Becca brought that out in him, and Owen brought out the confidence in Becca. They brought the best out in each other which was beautiful to read. There was little angst which was refreshing - just 2 friends falling in love. If you want a quick, easy, sexy read, then I highly recommend this book! I received a copy of this ebook from the author for my honest review.


Great addition to the Hot Jocks series!


I was hooked from the beginning. A best friends to lovers trope with plenty of heat and heart, that you wont be able to put down. Get ready to be swept away in a whirlwind romance. It absolutely charmed me. Owen Parrish is the hot hockey goalie for the Ice Hawks. He is king of hook-ups with a enthusiastic sex life, with a philosophy of one and done. So when his best friend Becca asks for his help to get back into the dating scene, to be her wing man, he is overwhelmed and concerned for her. Becca is poised, sweet, smart and gorgeous and has been his best friend for four years now. But after experiencing a brutal attack her freshman year in college, she has been broken, unable to overcome her fears of intimacies. Owen confesses to Becca that he has always been attracted to her but didn’t act on it, because she was friends with his sister. He refuses to be her wing man, because he wants to be the man helping her to overcome her fears. Owen and Becca journey is full of tenderness, thoughtfulness, patience, sweetness, heartache, turmoil, but also plenty of heat and heart. All The Way is engaging, laugh out loud funny, sweet, tender, steamy, emotional and perfectly romantic, and it delivers a Happy-Ever-After with all the feels. I had been waiting for Owen and Becca’s story and this was just pure perfection.