The Chef PDF Download

The Chef PDF Download

By: James Patterson & Max DiLallo
Genre: Women Sleuths, Mysteries & Thrillers
Relase Date: 2019-02-18


I enjoy reading The Killer Chef! Please continue writing more! Awesome heroine.


It is entertaining I like it. It could be a little more intense. But readable.

barry Cure

Just ok. Some story lines are inconsistent with others.


Half way through and I’ve closed it for the last time. Lame characters, unbelievable plot, action, story. Waste of eye and brain.


Lame, convoluted plot. Shallow characters. Surprised Patterson put his name on this book. Rated it 1/5 stars so there would be no confusion that I submitted a rating.


Not up to the standard of his previous books. There was lots of jumping around and it made me not like the main character. Not a great effort.


bad writing and unimaginative plot


Took a long time to develop as I was taken on a tour of nworlins to set up the sequel Ex cop chef smarter than the police/feds Ok but tied together nicely at the end

Bob from OG

Not up to James Patterson standards. Dialogue and characters are mostly laughable. Read during a transcontinental flight and was easy to speed read since much of the narrative was pure drivel. Sorry I wasted my time.


Very lame and very boring.


Bought book can’t download!


Been downloading over 3 hours. Charge hit my account immediately,