Swamp Spook PDF Download

Swamp Spook PDF Download

By: Jana DeLeon
Genre: Cozy, Mysteries & Thrillers
Relase Date: 2018-10-08


Great read. all twist and turns, especially with Gertie.


I love the misfortune series and this book so much fun to read. Great plot twists and hilarious shenanigans that the lead characters get into. I just loved it!


Enjoyable and fun to read from the first sentence to the last: Swamp Spook is full of twists and turns, Med by 3 amazing and hysterical women. Well written, non-predictable, and often laugh-out-loud, leading to rereading lots of segments to my husband. Looking forward to the next one...

A Grippo

Funny can’t wait till the next one

math wizard

Halloween is the holiday and the mystery begins and has plenty of twists. Fortune is now a PI and Ida Belle and Gertie are consultants/ associates. We still have plenty of action and Fortune is asked for help from an unusual source. The romance is there but the story has lots of action so it is a bit subdued. Awesome book and I give it ten stars as it is the Swamp Pack's first official case! Yes, I highly recommend the book!