Swamp Spook PDF Download

Swamp Spook PDF Download

By: Jana DeLeon
Genre: Cozy, Mysteries & Thrillers
Relase Date: 2018-10-08


Another good book by Jana Deleon! She never disappoints. Love the escapades the wonderful trio of Fortune, Ida Belle and Gertie always get themselves into! Each swamp team story leaves me wanting more!!....Bring it on!!!


Jana Deleon delivers again and again. Her books are delightfully funny and a good mystery all wrapped up in one book. I highly recommend her books!




This was a great read for a cozy mystery. However, I prefer this author and her crime novels!


I cannot get enough of Fortune, Ida Belle & Gertie’s escapades!

New Orleans Rob

Jana Deleon is a great writer. Every turn of the page, will keep you wanting to read more. I’ve read every book, and love all of them. Can’t wait for the next one.

Fortune Redding

I absolutely love Jana's "Fortune" series. I don't recall any other writer that has made me brake out laughing like these books. I can't wait til 2019 for the next book.


Great read. all twist and turns, especially with Gertie.


I love the misfortune series and this book so much fun to read. Great plot twists and hilarious shenanigans that the lead characters get into. I just loved it!


Enjoyable and fun to read from the first sentence to the last: Swamp Spook is full of twists and turns, Med by 3 amazing and hysterical women. Well written, non-predictable, and often laugh-out-loud, leading to rereading lots of segments to my husband. Looking forward to the next one...

A Grippo

Funny can’t wait till the next one

math wizard

Halloween is the holiday and the mystery begins and has plenty of twists. Fortune is now a PI and Ida Belle and Gertie are consultants/ associates. We still have plenty of action and Fortune is asked for help from an unusual source. The romance is there but the story has lots of action so it is a bit subdued. Awesome book and I give it ten stars as it is the Swamp Pack's first official case! Yes, I highly recommend the book!