Heart of the Devil PDF Download

Heart of the Devil PDF Download

By: Meghan March
Genre: Suspense, Romance
Relase Date: 2019-03-12


It won’t download very disappointed

Angela Kimora

AHMAZING. She tops herself every time. Every. Single. Time.

Lacie Romano

O.M.G!!!!!!! Holy what?!? Omg I can’t believe this conclusion to this trilogy! The suspense is beyond amazing! The love, well it’s out of this world (excuse me again, can I be Indy?) I loved every moment of this book! Every twist, every turn! It isn’t what you expect but holy hell does it tie it up! Beyond amazing!


Well this trilogy was a world wind of emotions. This final book definitely makes you feel it all. Anxiety, sadness, anger, joy, and confusion. This was beautifully written. I read all three books back to back without losing interest once (very rare). Not as many steamy scenes, but I appreciated it. There was a lot more storytelling. I love that Jericho finally gets his peace and Indy decides to be the bigger person and fight for the love she deserves. If you didn't already know so there is an 'bonus' scene at the end of the book. I love being able to see them 5 years down the road. Being able to see have the insight on how their family life works is great.


Well well!! Meghan March you have captured my heart once again! Luck of the Devil is a sexy as hell Mindbender on overload! So, blazingly hot, you might even get scorched if you're not careful. Plus so pantie melting to the 100th degree, that you might feel like you might want to combust with A over hotness or B over the mind-blowing good storyline! Boom! Hold on to your seats and get ready to be corrupted yet, it’s so worth it Plus the narration is off the charts spectacular.


As soon as Heart of the Devil hit my kindle, I sat and read it front to back. I didn’t move until I was finished because I was so caught up in Forge and Indy’s story. There are so many twists and turns, I was on the edge of my seat anticipating how their story would end. This trilogy is a prime example of why I read. I am so blown away with the writing, the storyline, and the characters. I can’t say enough good things about this books. It’s a definite, hands-down must read!


WOW!!! What an amazing ending to a mind blowing, thrilling, twisty, jaw dropping trilogy! Jericho Forge is the epitome of THE Alpha male!! LOVED this trilogy so much!!! I highly recommend it!! Five out of this world stars!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Omg I loved this book and series!!!! Meghan March is one heck of an author, truly gifted. We’ve made a deal, run into some luck and now, finally, we got his heart! Hold onto your hearts though, there’s so much I never saw coming!?! Forge and Indy, I love them so much! Every book I’ve read by this author holds so much of all a books best qualities. Angst, heat, an emotional roller coaster! What a way to finish up a fantastic trilogy! Highly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


We’ve got heat, we’ve got intensity, we’ve got twists and turns. Would it be a Meghan March read without these? This book was AMAZING! It sucked me in from the start, and had me there until the last line. I’m still recovering over some of the twists. Omgah. Jericho and Indy couldn’t be more perfect for each other. Both strong, talented, and willing to die for the other, they make one kick butt couple. I fell in love with some of the secondary characters, and hope to see them in future series if possible. A fantastic must read I would highly recommend!!


I can't believe it is over! Heart of the Devil is the final book of the Forge Trilogy and Meghan March has dealt another winner! It is the heart stopping conclusion of India and Jericho’s story. As always I like to go into a new book blind without reading many details so I will keep my review vague. But I can promise you will not be disappointing. Once again Meghan gives us a smokin' hot alpha and a sassy as hell heroine that never leaves you bored and always leaves you guessing. There are plenty or twists and turns to keep you reading to the last page. And what an amazing couple! I don't know how she continues to dream up these original characters, each one better than the last. I highly recommend this entire trilogy. Just make sure that you block out some time because once you start you won't want to put it down!


Meghan March, I doff my wig. First, you make me fall in love with Jericho Forge, as dynamic a Hot Hero as you have drawn. I love his ferociousness and passion, and I love that he knows when to sacrifice for the woman he loves and when to fight for her. Then you make me cheer on Indy, even though I am insanely jealous of her. I love her strength. When she snarls, whether at the men she demands help her find her husband or her husband himself, I cheer wildly. I love how willing she is to give people a chance even as she holds firm to the adage of “Burn me once, shame on me. Burn me twice, shame on you.” And then–AND THEN–there is the romance. Jericho and Indy love each other hard, and they show that love hard. These two don’t do anything gently, and I am here for it. I love how you show their love, whether in the way they interact with each other or in the way they rock the headboard. Those of you who have followed Jericho and Indy, rest assured that Meghan March gives them the ending they both need and deserve. Be prepared for some heart-pounding action and some thigh squeezing sexy times. And be prepared to bow to Meghan March, yet again.


Heart of the Devil is book 3 in the Forge Trilogy and it is phenomenal! We pick up where Luck of the Devil left off and Meghan keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire book. It is full of twists and turns that I never saw coming. Forge and Indy are a phenomenal couple and I have loved every word of their journey. It is a MUST read!!!!