Can't Hurt Me PDF Download

Can't Hurt Me PDF Download

By: David Goggins
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs,
Relase Date: 2018-11-15




Goggins’ use of that phrase to describe himself is an understated way of telling us the secret: Don’t be afraid to be different. Here’s one of the most outstanding service members in American history, and you’d never even heard of him.


I’ve been following DG’s running for over a decade, and knew that this book would be good, but I was surprised on just how good it is and how well written it is. I was really dreading reading the horrible childhood stuff that he endured, but it was limited to one chapter, and he gave the right amount of detail. He is proof that your life is what you make of it, no excuses. Definitely a must read. Hoping this book gets into some big city libraries.


I thought this was was great.


I have learned a lot about myself in this book. I’m glad that he called all of us out on our laziness and motivations. I have a lot to do to train my mind and callus my mind


While many may have listened to his various interviews and podcasts, his book surpasses them all by a long shot, especially the audiobook! Many will look at his extreme methods as crazy, but it is the messages and takeaways that make this book a must read. Don’t read this book if you want a self help book. His solutions don’t lie in catchy slogans or phrases. He’s all about personal accountability, hard work, self reflection, embracing and learning from failure and the benefits that naturally flow from consistently working hard and trying to improve.


Incredible read, couldn’t put it down. Learned so much from David and admire his mindset and outlook on life. If you’re stuck in a rut, need motivation, read this book. You will not regret it.


This journey into the life and times of Chief Goggins(Ret.) is raw. Written just the way you would expect the story to be told by a retired enlisted operator that admits to struggles with learning in his youth. This is not to say that it is unintelligent, but to say that it reads as if he is speaking directly to you. Each technique he delivers for the reader to soak up and meditate on is tightly wound and related to an actual point in time from his life experiences. Direct and to the point without random unrelated tangents. This is a guide to build strength and character within yourself, without the puff and nonsense of the self help genre. A definite must read for anyone related to the military community, and for individuals dedicated to unearthing their inner spark.


Great read, shows what is capable if you don’t let your mind stop you


Seriously, fantastic read. This book changed my life.

R. Sones

Do not read this unless you plan to change your outlook on life and realize that failure and success are one and the same.


First review I’ve ever given and never listened to an audiobook so quickly. Became a fan from his interviews on Joe Rogan and I’m glad I bought in. Kind of wish he was the narrator, but either way; the stories are insane. It’s hard to listen to them and not want to better yourself. No fluff, no empty plateaus. This guy has to be one of the baddest people of all time.