Everyday Millionaires PDF Download

Everyday Millionaires PDF Download

By: Chris Hogan
Genre: Personal Finance, Business & Personal Finance
Relase Date: 2019-01-07


This book left me wanting, and referred too much to Dave Ramsey’s materials (I like him, but I wanted more independence here). Out of a 119 page survey, probably 10% of the topics were presented here. Furthermore they are presented in a manner to drive a point to the reader. Ok, sure. It would have been fun to look at the stats that were more 50/50 in the survey, though.


Hi Chris, WOW!!!!!! I have learned a lot from this book at the age of 21!! I am so glad, I know how important money can be for the near in the future in life at an early age. In my generation, we have a lot debts, we don’t think ahead, don’t even think about or know about retirement is a thing, not being careful with the way how we spend our money and don’t want to save. This book changes up everything in life! I am going to change the way how l spend my money from now on and be consistent with putting 15% of the money out of my paycheck every month into my RIRA and keep one of my job that provides 401k as long as l can! Lol! I will grow on my saving! I am still working on saving enough money for a downpayment. Chris, this is an AMAZING Book I ever read before! “I hate reading so much and now this book just came out and l love it”!! I believe myself that I will become an millionaire someday!! I want to meet you someday in State College PA @BJC! # We are PSU

Time for Change!

I was quite excited for this book but it is heavy on style and short on substance. I can honestly sum it up in 6 words; Save more Spend less Start early

Paja J

Great book!