Supermarket PDF Download

Supermarket PDF Download

By: Bobby Hall
Genre: Fiction & Literature,
Relase Date: 2019-03-26


I don’t give reviews, but I finished this in a day. I want a second novel ... this was insane. Must read. Plot got a little slow and then picked up in such an intense manner, wow!


I don’t read books ever. I always thought reading was boring and sucked. But, being a logic fan I wanted to read it and I gotta say it was just simply amazing. Now time to go and find another amazing story like this and show myself that reading is fun. Hope logic can make this into a show or movie just simply a classic


I love the shift in the book. Amazing storyline and thrills. Just couldn't put it down. Amazing job Logic!


Logics creative mind sends you through a story of love and darkness. Becoming fully immersed in a character, logic brings him to life. A fictional story that honestly should be turned into a movie.


God tier don’t test me young blood


You ugly asf boi this da trashiest I ever read ong


This book is amazing! So many plot twists and so many great characters! Would recommend to anyone!


Good, just good. Appreciate Bobby Hall’s emphatic stab at writing, but a little rough around the edges.


It was the best book I have ever read. Not going to lie!

Adriel J.G

I never read anything other than music,ive read probably 3 novels in my life,and this one is definitely one of the best,i was so caught in the story and so tripped up and confused and shocked when it came to a solution,by far the best book i have ever read!


I’ve never enjoyed reading a book so much! I’m on my 3rd time reading! 11/10


I was a logic fan due to his great music but with this book I feel like I became closer to him!I recommend getting the audible supermarket to go along, makes it 100x better!