The Guardian PDF Download

The Guardian PDF Download

By: Nicholas Sparks
Genre: Suspense, Romance
Relase Date: 2003-04-01


A favorite of mine. I recommend this book to people all the time.


Spoiler alert!! I loved this book I couldn’t put it down, but the ending about killed me. I am a huge dog lover and when he died I cried. It was definitely a twist to the story but it tore me up...

Britnie & Amanda ❤️

This is by far my favorite book written by Nicholas Sparks (I love them all) I couldn’t stop reading it, I cried like a big baby at the end. This book is absolutely AMAZING!! If I could rate this book higher than 5 stars I would!!

JC Cincy Kid

A very compelling read- even though a bit predictable still (5) Star Worthy! Check it out won’t be disappointed that’s for sure. JB 🤩👏


I love, love love love this book! I haven’t been able to pick up another book since reading this one, because nothing can seem to compare. I wish this book could go on and on without end... I highly recommend it.

Taylor Elizabeth Bressi

Absolutely speechless from reading the sample. Now, I bought it and I’m currently in the cluttered of emotions to read the rest of the novel. You never cease to amaze me Nicholas. Such wonderful novels and films. 😭😍😍

Ream Family

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Could not put it down! I cried, laughed, got upset.. but it was all worth it.

Ashley Tep

This book was exceptional! Thrilling, suspenseful, and romantic! A great love story with a twist! I couldn't put it down even if I tried


Really good love story with lots of suspense.


Out of all of Sparks' novels, this is my favorite. He has done such an excellent job of tying in romance with a suspenseful thriller that made me never want to put it down. Heart-achingly beautiful story that left me in so many tears.


This is my absolute favorite book by Nicholas Sparks. Nothing tops it. The story has a twist to it that pulls you in from the start. Highly recommend.