The Quiet Game PDF Download

The Quiet Game PDF Download

By: Greg Iles
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 1999-09-01


Great read - hard to put down. Keeps your interest right up until the end.


I was liking the story until almost end. It drag so much for long that I had to skip many pages. Don't think I'll keep with series, too long.


How is this not a movie ? Woah this man has talent beyond belief. I thanked the person who turned me on to this series throughout the book. Already planning a trip to take the Greg Isles tour and meet him.


Loved it from beginning to end! I can't wait to start the next book in the series. Excellent.


A read all night thriller, with excitement clear to the end! Wow, just WOW!


Love all his books,can't put it down


Captivating read.


Loved all the twists and turns. Excellent read


The Quiet Game is a page turner that will cost you sleep. Once you meet Penn Cage, he becomes someone you care about. Iles paints this character as he paints his home town of Natchez with color and depth. Natchez serves as a backdrop for an old fashioned murder mystery with'60's racial tensions at the core. Can't wait to be with Cage again.

Peter 14

I really enjoy his writing style and story telling. He has become one of my preferred authors.

J David

This is a book with a heart and soul written by a very gifted author. I highly recommend it!

RWH 66

Parts if this book were excellent but some of the book could have been shortened to make the plot move along quicker.