A Thousand Splendid Suns PDF Download

A Thousand Splendid Suns PDF Download

By: Khaled Hosseini
Genre: Literary, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2008-11-25

Taft Eagles

This is such a beautiful and inspired book, I am so grateful to the author for producing this gem. It is not only a riveting storyline but a historic experience for the reader. This is my third book over several years by this talented author. I hope to read another soon.


Great story

Lena Thomas

This is now one of my favorite books! Some parts were predictable only because you know somethings are too good to be true for his characters. It brings real insight into the problems of Afghanistan and the oppression of women. I highly recommend reading this book! I also loved Kite Runner, but this one was my favorite!!


I’m touched beyond words having read this beautiful story.


This books allows readers to experience the abuse woman go through in the Middle East, it also gives readers an insights on war from an Afghans perspective. It's heartbreaking and gut twisting. It's not a book for those with a faint heart and fragile emotional capacity. It will leave you crying and enlightened.


I have re-read this book about once a year for nearly a decade. Only of the most beautiful and moving stories ever, told through a compelling and gripping plot. A fascinating cultural study of a nation, spanning decades and speckled with real historical events that seem to make the story even more personal. My all time favorite, worth every read!


One of the very best books I have ever read. Highly recommended.


After reading this book, I wouldn’t lie in saying it was a good read.. how ever I feel it was very predictable. The author would always have something really good happen, but with the opposite event happening on the very next page. It’s pretty depressing. Because of that you could always guess what’s going to happen.. and it would :( I recommend it, how ever, for its history of Afghanistan and it was a good read over all.


The best book I’ve read in years

Jan djd

Great book!


This novel is nothing short of amazing. It is well-written, real, dark, passionate. Easily one of the best! I️ am completely moved by the story. It will change your heart!

domoisadinosaur -jennayyy 🌸

Although I had to read this for school, I enjoyed it so much; I couldn't even put the book down! I would read for hours and stay up at night just to know what happened next! I would definitely reccomend this book.