The Hunt for Red October PDF Download

The Hunt for Red October PDF Download

By: Tom Clancy
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 1985-10-01


loved it


The book held my attention for days. I read until midnight most days. I was a submariner during 1964. I got to see Vladivostok through a periscope. A great treat excel for the depth charges.


I absolutely loved this book beginning to end! The only problem is all the technical jargon that is used and also the occasional Russian words in place of the English words can make it difficult to follow...still well worth the read!

mad pants

Haven't read the book but I saw the film which was apparently very good and the book was very acceptable which gave people a chance to read the book and check out the movie

President Clark

Fantastic story. Great detail without being overwhelming.

Eric Jonrosh

I first discovered “The Hunt for Red October” when the late, great Tom Clancy, informed me that the source material would be converted to film in the summer of ’89. When he explained that none other than Sir Sean Connery would play a crucial part, I immediately grew red in the face and hurled my glass of scotch into the fire quite dramatically. Regretting that impulsive act, I poured myself another glass, much larger than the first. When Tom inquired why I reacted so violently, I hurled that glass into the fire as well. Sit back, dear readers, and prepare to be aroused and astounded. When I first met my ancient nemesis Sean Connery, we were working together on a film called “The Highlander.” I was of a particular help because I’d written a poem in 1965 about a Scottish man trapped in the body of a Portuguese sailor. It won no great accolades, mostly because one couldn’t read it without weeping uncontrollably. After we wrapped each night on the Isle of Skye, Christopher Lambert, Sean and myself would go down to a local public house called The Sheep’s Shaft and drink scotch, sometimes for days at a time. It was disastrous for the production, but a proper scotch diet tends to break a few eggs. Then one fateful night, Sir Connery became my eternal nemesis forever. I couldn’t say what happened for certain, but I awoke the next morn, fully clothed at the rail station with a frightening message scrawled on the palm of my hand: “Show your leathery face on the moors of Scotland again, Eric Jonrosh, and I’ll cask your headless corpse in a Scotch barrel. Warmest Regards, Sean Connery” As delicious as that might sound, I took heed of the threat and never returned to that peaty bog of a country. Now I am forced to buy my scotch by the can. So it stands to reason that Mr. Connery would make a perfect Russian turncoat submarine captain. And I daresay he nailed the performance in “The Hunt for Red October.” I imagine he just played himself. Likely because he couldn’t conjure a Russian accent to save his malty skin. He would have made a fine Winston Morehouse in my retelling of the heartbreaking epic “The Spoils of Babylon,” airing on IFC this very January the 9th, 2014. Alas, Mr. Connery is approximately 900 hundred years old, so, I cast the uber-talented Marty Comanche instead. He too is now my eternal nemesis. Warmest Regards, Eric Jonrosh, spellbinding creator of “The Spoils of Babylon,” airing on IFC, January the 9th, 2014


We have lost one of our greatest authors! I will miss not seeing new books written by him. This book was his first, and one of his best considering how much he matured as an author through all the rest of his books.


Couldn't put it down!


Love this book. The movie does it no justice.

Dawn washer

That was my first Tom clancy book, and I'm very pleased with it. It was a very great book.


I've read the print version when the book first came out and there seems to be two scenes missing from what I remember: the scene where red October goes through the trenches showing how they are able to navigate in tight spots and the scene at the end where the Russian diplomat mentions that they lost another sub ( the alpha that was rammed). Why were those cut out?


I read the last 400 pages of this book in under 24 hours and I was unable to put it down! I loved the sudden plot twists, and when you thought that the book was over it just kept on going. All the way this book had me hooked and I LOVED it 😄