Blow Fly PDF Download

Blow Fly PDF Download

By: Patricia Cornwell
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Women Sleuths
Relase Date: 2004-09-07


I have always enjoyed this author from the first book to this book. At times I have even reread a few of her books. Thanks k


This book is filled with mystery and intrigue and is seen from the vantage point of a scientist (Scarpelli) who emphasized the minute detail of her investigation. It all makes logical sense and adds the advantage of speaking through a pathologist.


A little disappointed in some of the ranting was hard to keep strait so therefor a hard to follow. The ending is disappointing unless there is a sequel that lets the reader know the little boy is safe. Is there

Anne Beaver

The book is fair. If it was your intention to make everyone hate Scarpetta by the end of the second chapter, congratulations: you have succeeded mightily. My dislike for her has grown with each book, but within the first two chapters of this book you've managed to take that dislike to new heights. I only hope that you do not possess any of her "characteristics", except maybe her cooking abilities. Even though I do not like the main character and never have, I do enjoy most of the other characters most of the time and that is why I have continued to read this series. The one thing I do not understand is how the age gap between Lucy and Scarpetta keeps getting smaller and smaller. All of the discrepancies with the ages of the main characters are quite confusing and annoying. I realize you have every right to write them as you wish, but Scarpetta should be in her 70's with regards to the latest book.


Left me hanging. What's next?