The House at Riverton PDF Download

The House at Riverton PDF Download

By: Kate Morton
Genre: Literary, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2008-04-22


Loved this book. Great plot. Quick read. Definitely recommend this book and author.


This story covers a very fascinating time era which the author does well to describe in thorough detail. That was my favorite part of the book. The storyline was, in my opinion, rather choppy and perhaps a little too obvious. I felt myself wanting to finish this book to find out the ending, rather than finishing the book because I was enjoying reading it.


My mother recommended this book to me after we both read The Distant Hours (fantastic as well). A lot of the storyline in this book reminds me of the UK Downton Abbey series (which I love). I recommend The House at Riverton!


An amazingly wonderful read....beautifully woven and immensely entertaining!!! The characters and plot are vivid and engrossing!!! Love the period and this was even better than downtown abbey! A must read for the "upstairs/downstairs" fans but weaves in agatha Christie and tons of intrigue! WOW!!

Jennifer Lyn King

A story of love and mystery and the secrets held over time, THE HOUSE AT RIVERTON captivated me with its lush twists and tucks in the story. Told in 1999 by Grace Bradley, one-time housemaid at the Riverton Estate in England, the story she tells is of the family she cared for, of sisters Hannah and Emmeline, and of the vast and sweeping secrets she helped them to keep. With full-bodied characters flawed over time and hardships, the sweeping story Grace tells leads the reader to a highly impactful ending. Kate Morton's beautiful style of telling the story is enchanting, and keeps the reader turning pages ever more urgently as the novel draws to a close. I appreciated Ms. Morton's adept telling of the story through the eyes of Grace, and of the complex world she reflects upon from her youth. It is important not to flip to the end and spoil the story ... I was blown away by the ending, yet it all made perfect sense. A brilliant, luminous read, highly recommended for readers who enjoy literary mystery woven with a impactful love story, with historical and contemporary elements. One of my all-time favorite novels.


Loved the book. Loved the characters. I'm sorry to have finished it!