The Joy Luck Club PDF Download

The Joy Luck Club PDF Download

By: Amy Tan
Genre: Fiction & Literature, Literary
Relase Date: 1989-03-22


Read that. Loved it. Felt it. Lived by its lessons.


I would love to read this book, but every time I try to purchase it I get a message saying "This item is currently being modified. Please try again later." I may change my review if this book is ever fixed so I can buy it.


Worst book I've ever read. You'd be better off burning $8 than buying this book.


I literally couldn't put it down. It is an engrossing tale that any mother or daughter can relate to. Helped me understand my relationship with my mother better.


This book is really bad. Worst book ever


I'm reading this book in class and it's very interesting


I've read this book many times before. It's a good story. Yes, drama-filled, right from the beginning until the end.


The story takes place in san francisco, and is very different from other books i've read. Its drama-filled but very very good