The Lost Symbol PDF Download

The Lost Symbol PDF Download

By: Dan Brown
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2009-09-15


This book was wonderful almost all the way to egg end, but then... It happened. I found myself in a righteous and religious confused lack of fact fest. It seemed that he was shoving ideas in my head. He didn’t have to do this. The Lost Symbol was ruined for me. His worst book by far.


This is definitely a great read informational as expect from Dan Brown novels. His suspense keeps you on your toes and the knowledge gain from reading is always a welcomed addition.


Dan Brown at his finest with not only a captivating story plot, but also with exciting revelations that not only educate your mind but make you ponder upon all the wondrous and unknown that is yet to be discovered.

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Living in DC and reading this has been a pleasure. Highly recommend!


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Dan Brown may reuse the plot and storyline in each novel. But it's an exciting storyline! And if you're like me, then you appreciate the amount of research and information presented in each page of his work. I realize they're not historically accountable, but they contribute to an important discussion that I think are invaluable today!


Another great read with a twisting plot that is suspenseful I love books that I can't just skim through. I have to pay attention.


3/4 was interesting but just ok. Ending was extremely disappointing.


Read it in one sitting-couldn't put it down.


After the third read of this book since it's publication I'm reminded of its message; wisdom is revealed to those open and ready to hear it. What a great fictional account of something we should all grasp. Bravo Dan Brown.


Quick and easy read... With a few good curve balls. Brown's pacing is great,and while I would hardly call his characters "deep" or "well-rounded" Lost Symbol is enjoyable. While Brown isn't the intellectual challenge of Arturo Perez-Reverte or Carlos Ruiz Zafón he does squeeze the esoteric for as much mileage as anyone out there. Angels and Demon and Da Vinci Code dealt with the Catholic Church and their esoterica, this one is all American Founders Masonic connections. Right wing nut jobs would boil over if they paid attention to the idea that the countries great minds were more about the universal truths than about Christianity. The novel does make we want to go see some of the amazing features of our Capital city. Overall, Brown has produced another quick read that at least gets the brain thinking about some challenging ideas while keeping a steady rate of twists and turns.