The Enemy PDF Download

The Enemy PDF Download

By: Lee Child
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2004-05-11


Lee Child is usually a pleasure to read, but this book eventually feels like a literary double team Whack a Mole story.


My favorite Reachers take place in his old army days. He's less autistic- that's probably not the right word but you know what I mean. His disengagement from the concerns of the rest of us entertains me, but wears just a little when I read book after book. In "Enemy" Reacher really cares about the army, and it's refreshing.

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Another amazing Lee Child novel. I absolutely HATE for them to end! I'm hooked & you will be too once you venture into Reacher territory.


I have recently discovered Lee Child. I have been reading all my life but lately I have discovered that while I could appreciate the recent execution of Tom Clancy or Jack Higgins books I wasn't floored by the experience anymore. Lee Child has brought surprise back into my reading and after reading four of his books I dare say I am in for the long haul.


As soon as I picked up the book and started reading I was hooked. I couldn't put it down. Lee Child paints a suspenseful story in your mind and leaves you wondering what's going to happen next every time you put the book down. I enjoyed every moment of it and was quite pleased once I finished the book.


I've read them all and this is the one I remember most


Jack Reacher is cool and the story is really entertaining. But, given that Child's main deficit in this series is his complete misunderstanding of US Military life, it wasn't a good idea for him to center an entire book on that. It's hard to separate the glaring misconceptions that are basically cliches of what someone from outside the USA might assume about the armed forces from the rest of the story. For a book written in 2003-2004 there's no excuse for getting almost every detail of military life wrong. The correct info was, and continues to be, really easy to find.


If I'd read this Reacher book first, I wouldn't have read any others. I figured out "who done it" way too early in this book and was really disappointed when I was right. Luckily, Bad Luck and Trouble was my first read. It was better.

Major Gene

Great book. Some of the military facts/actions were embellished, but kept me reading. As all the rest of Child's books very entertaining.


Factual errors about how the Army works were difficult to overlook although I have enjoyed his other works.

"Reacher" fan

This is one of the best "Reacher" stories in the series! Worth waiting for!