One Shot PDF Download

One Shot PDF Download

By: Lee Child
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2005-06-14


Good plot, not many good subplots. Truly enjoyed the read and had to watch the movie immediately afterwords. Tom Cruise productions did a hatchet job on the ending. DH Read on my iBook.


This is my first Lee Child (Jack Reacher) novel, and after reading "A Tale of Two Cities" and "The Brothers Karamazov," I felt like reading something that would hold my interest without weighing me down, but also not make me feel that I was wasting my time :::drumroll::: "One Shot" was just the ticket. Compared to the book, the Reacher movie was sorta like that 70s to 80s candy that you'd put in your mouth and it would start fizzing away and by the time you got around to swallowing any of it there was nothing to swallow. You were sort of left with that feeling you get when you're right there ready to sneeze, and it vanishes leaving you thinking, I hate it when that happens. The relative ease with which the Reacher story was told reminded me of all of the "Jesse Stone" stories I plowed through (and watched). I just liked the pacing of the story, and the way the characters interacted, in each of them.


This is by far the best in the Reacher series. Only thing I can't understand is how Lee Child let them ruin the movie and change the ending of it from the novel! Get Hollywood to screw up a fantastic book.


Full of twists and turns, this book is an excellent place to start if you're looking for an introduction into who Jack Reacher is. Though the movie is fun and entertaining, it isn't able to capture the intricate details that the book holds.

The shooter1234

This is a great book, full of suspense and keeps you guessing to the end. Couldn't stop reading it!


Having only read a few paragraphs of the different Reacher books and not getting hooked on any I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie. Thinking Tom Cruise did not match my idea of Reacher I was pleasantly surprised at the good job he did. Now I am looking at finally reading one to completion.


I am new to Lee Child but not the genre. I very much enjoyed the fast pace of the book as well as the authentic details and thinking who-done it mentality. The violence was not over the top, nor we're the sexual encounters( in this book minimal and respectful to women). This is a better read than the Patterson books by far. I think a person who enjoys a thinking man's game on the order of the Bourne books will enjoy this. Who cares if it is dislike the movie? That critique would be for the movie review, not the original.


One Shot is my 5th Lee Child Novel. I love your writing Lee! But seriously, why did you approve Tom Cruise to be Jack Reacher? I am so disappointed at picturing Tom in that role; doesn't fit the character. Ray Liotta would have been ideal, perfect for playing Jack...looking like Jack! I'll continue reading your books Lee, but most likely not see the movie. Tom Cruise...bad taste.


If paid by the word, Child made little money on this pricey paperback. More of a short story with unimaginable character and story development. Like a lot of these novels, simply writing short stories that are more like pulp fiction. Why choose this one for a movie is difficult to understand except maybe overplaying the potential sensuality for the degenerates who would like to see Cruise undress a woman in public.

Shirley ffz

Who picked Tom Cruise to play Reacher? Not a good choice. So far all Lee Child books are great.

Puff Huff

For all those not familiar with Lee Child or want to read something by him for the first time please start with "The Killing Floor" come back and we can have a discussion as to why he is one of the best fiction writers out to date! Love Reacher! I'm not sure I would have picked Tom Cruise for the part though. Each fan I'm sure has his/her own vision of Reacher. Keep up the fantastic work Mr. Child!


I appreciate detail (that's why I read the book vs watch movie), but there are probably 100 pages of TOO MUCH EXTRANEOUS DETAIL!! This is my first Child book and only read it because I heard Tom Cruise is shooting the film (I think he's playing Reacher??), and not overly impressed. With that said, I CAN see this being a GREAT film bc the details will (obviously) removed!! If I can download a cheap Child book I'll give him one MORE shot (yes, pun intended)...ha!