Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas PDF Download

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas PDF Download

By: Hunter S. Thompson
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Professional & Technical
Relase Date: 1998-05-12

Losa 44

One of the best books I have ever read. I can't believe how amazing this book was.


Captivating and interesting...


I've been a Thompson fan for a very long time, and read most of his books, but this is my favorite one. The Terry Gilliam movie version is greatly entertaining but this outshines it by at least 100%, and it is mostly because of the commentary and savage wit. The sense of disillusionment, the horror at the disgusting "respectable "people who populate Vegas at that time and the realization the sixties really are over -- it comes through clear as a death-knell. Read it, but only if you have true grit.




I recently read The Rum Diary and enjoyed it. It was my first exposure to HST and his writing style. I had always heard about Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas but just never picked up. I don't know why it took me so long. In Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Thompson's style and wit are fully developed, rapid, incredibly thoughtful and hilarious! Told through a multi-day binge of drugs, alcohol and numerous other substances (including grapefruits) Thompson's alter ego Raoul Duke and his lawyer Dr. Gonzo set out to chase the allusive "American dream". Many may jump to the conclusion that Fear and Loathing is simply a drugged out ode to excess. While this conclusion is not unfounded, it is more than that. Through the hazy eyes of Duke we see America more clearly. For better or for worse...


This book gives the reader excellent social commentary on the failed love revolution of the late nineteen-sixties, to the back drop of an over zealous drug indulged search for the american dream, in the heart of Las Vegas. This book is reflective, humorous, thought provoking, and completely insane. I recommend this book to anyone willing to ride it out.

Nate Gann

A great book and classic thompson perfectly copied for reading on my iPhone.


A manic, perverted, suicidal joyride straight into the greasy caricature of Americana that is Las Vegas. Fun for the whole family!


His writing style is crazy. I started to watch the movie once but passed out. If you haven't seen the movie it's a great book. Not sure how they compare...


Glad I bought this. Helps if you seen the movie but if not the discription is amazing enough.

Disatisfied and disabused

This was the final book in my high school junior year english lit. course. It was thought provoking, honest, and put me off drugs for life!

Austin Lowe

I thought that this was a beautiful and bizarre book. The theme of Gonzo Journalism really got my attention by putting Roaul as the center of his story on the "American Dream". I myself have become interested in drugs, particularily classic psychadellic drugs from the 60's, but the most you can get where Iive is grass and cheap knockoffs that have all sorts of horrible things in them. Nothing pure. This book really opened my mind to reading and I recommend this book be read by anyone who likes journalism or Hunter. I sure loved it.