Castles PDF Download

Castles PDF Download

By: Julie Garwood
Genre: Historical, Romance
Relase Date: 2011-05-10


I loved JG's novel The Secret. I cant believe the same author wrote this book. From a 5 stars to 1 star... Problems i had with this novel: Ridiculous dialogue (not very witty, just a lot of silly back an forth that doesn't make sense). Another thing that doesn't make sense is the heroine. She sounds like a silly git. I don't understand how she could have such a "head for figures" and no head for conversation. She's so dense! The heroine is also very meek. There's a lot of indignation, but girl, DO something. I'm slightly past the middle of the novel, and I'm just fed up with her character. Read The Secret. Skip this one.

Que5 TDD

Funny and pulls at your heart. Garwood consistency. Enjoyed.


I enjoyed the story line and the added mystery of the murders, I couldn't put the book down!


Loved, loved, loved this book. A very unique story of mystery and romance. Also, the humor was unexpectedly nice. I found myself openly laughing. I look for to reading another novel by her.