Time of Death PDF Download

Time of Death PDF Download

By: J. D. Robb
Genre: Short Stories, Romance
Relase Date: 2011-06-28

Money savers

Anything JDRobb writes about Roarke & Eve is always a great storyline!

Queen Carlotta

I love the characters Eve and Roark. I've read all up to 2016. Please keep writing them. Thanks.


I have never been so captivated by an author before in my life. I read her books over and over again every year. With each one she gets better. I enjoy her writing as Nora Roberts as well. My sister gave me my first JD Robb Naked in Death and I was hooked, finished it in one night. When I read I'm Eve Dallas each and every time. Thank you so much and keep them coming.


Outstanding! Never ever fails to keep your heart and mind racing from beginning to end. None of the J.D. Robb books have ever let me down when I need a good read. Always looking forward to the next new one. Thank you A grateful Mississippi reader

Wayne Lappi

This reads like a 1st draft with all the errors. Otherwise a decent set of stories


Three great short stories, but beware--I think two have previously been published elsewhere. The third especially is a must-read for JD Robb fans. In my opinion, her books are better than her short stories, as there is more time/space to advance and develop her characters. But these three were a fast, compelling read.


I was surprised when I found two previously published short stories that I had already purchased. How does this happen? The three stories are typical J. D. Robb, in that they are well written, but not worth the price if you have two of three stories already.

Rawr... Gir

Thoroughly enjoyed the compilation , 4 stars only because as usual I couldn't put it down. Read it as swiftly as a brownie disappears at a weightloss meeting!! Can't wait to purchase and devour the next novel in the series.


The three stories were excellent. I would give it five stars without a doubt. If it is J.D. Robb or Nora Roberts, you are the best! keep on writing. Gerri Yaeger

Conni's Ipad

Great read as always