Merry Christmas, Alex Cross PDF Download

Merry Christmas, Alex Cross PDF Download

By: James Patterson
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2012-11-12


Love the series but this one was forgettable. Felt like it was two disconnected stories thrown into one novel. Hope he keeps the Cross series going but has to get better than this.


This is the worst book eva.. James Patterson, go home..


You can do better than this James patterson this book was awful


This book was a disappointment. I agree with most of the other readers - not the quality I expected from James Patterson, and not much to it for the price. I normally love JP's books, but not this one. Will the next ones be better? Sadly I will be hesitant to buy another one.


Too short for the price!


I'm a huge James Patterson fan. I've read almost all of his books. This book was very disappointing and probably the worst of his books.


I'm a James Patterson fan, especially the Alex Cross stories, that's why it saddens me to say that this book is well below Patterson's usual standards. It feels like he came up with two interesting plots and slammed them together in order to make a one novel using Christmas as the connection. Please take more time with the next one, Mr. Patterson.


A 220 page ripoff, shame on you JP.


I pick this book up in the airport because I left my iPad at home and needed something to entertain me on my flight. After reading some of the reviews, I agree that it is two stories in one book and not a novel. On the other hand, this is the first Alex cross book I have ever read and I am interested in reading some others. I though the first novel was suspenseful and I really enjoyed it. I think it's a good book for those that don't read as often, like me. This book served its purpose, and I want to read more.


This read like two short stories instead of a novel. The writing seemed to be compressed without the normal detail. What was really disappointing is that ten percent of the book was taken up by a prologue for the next book. It will be a while before I read another of his books.


This book is really good I couldn't put it down, I got it for a flight to pass the time. I read over half the book during my first 4 hour flight and my last flight was only an hour long, I knew we landed but I din't relize I was the last one to get off the plane, so engrossed with the book but it was short. Buy the paperback $30.00 is pricy for the hardback being so short.


The book was not good. Two stories that did not tie into each other and the first one was so bad, I just wanted it to be over! The book is also very short. I am shocked that Patterson would write such a disjointed piece.