NYPD Red PDF Download

NYPD Red PDF Download

By: James Patterson & Marshall Karp
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Police Procedural
Relase Date: 2012-10-08


Best book I've read in a long time. I couldn't stop turning the pages! Great reading material for suspense, crime, and action fans.


Another excellent James Patterson book.

Daisy Red

It is difficult to believe that James Patterson wrote any of this book. Just shows how a name based on past laurels can take our money for books that a not very good novice would write.


A good page turning thriller. If you know NYC, you'll know all the places mentioned..


This was my very first James Patterson novel and I must say, I enjoyed it a lot. NYPD RED has the makings of being a great series. I'm off to start book 2!


Awesome book! Well written, exhilarating, just overall all a great action packed story.

Arsenal Bon

This book is yet another amazing murder mystery written by the one and only: James Patterson. As soon as I had read the first few chapters of the book, I couldn't put it down! I loved every minute of reading this book!


I like the characters, I'm hoping that Zach and the shrink eventually get together. It kind of reminds me of the early cross books with the chemistry they have before Cross eventually married. I read the book in a day but when I like his books I can't put them down, I find that this one started off a little slow, but I think it's because I'm used to multiple story lines happening at once with Paterson's books. This one had one story line and just cut to different people which isn't unusual. Overall, it did keep you on your toes till the very end I can't wait to read his next NYPD red book, or his next Cross book for that matter!! The suspense is killing me!


This book kept me up the entire night. I finished it within 24hrs. The story is increadible. The story is about Zach, the NYPD officer and is a 1st POV. But some chapters focus on just the antaganist, The Chameleon's life in a third person POV. Which makes it very interesting. I read on the website that NYPD Red 2 will be available January 14, 2014. Can't wait to see how the story countinues. U can read the main summery on their webstite too. Looks awesome and cant wait for Zack and Kylie to team up again in the increadible city of NY!!!


Another excellent read! Couldn't put it down. Great from beginning to end!

Total Lee

As usual, another page-turner from the master of suspense! Just when you think you know what's up, Mr. Patterson throws another curve ball and leaves you agape, yet again!

Keith Reece

Stupid book. I would never throw away a book but with this one I came very close.