12th of Never PDF Download

12th of Never PDF Download

By: James Patterson & Maxine Paetro
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Women Sleuths
Relase Date: 2013-04-29


I am done with this series and stuff with his name on it. The first five were excellent and then each subsequent has gone downhill. I skipped all chapters on the baby drama...it was too contrived. Everything else lacked cohesiveness. It seems he will now put his name on anything. Wonder if he even read it when it was done?

Chicken sisters

I am an avid James Patterson fan, and all of his books are great! BUT, this book has to be one of the worst I've ever read. I read it to the end only 'cause I paid for it, just couldn't wait for it to finish. Most of it was unbelievable, if they wanted him dead, he would of been dead. Next time I see one of them in first person speaking, I'll bypass it.


Someone please tell me


Great Book. 5 Stars


One of the best Murder Club books in a while. They are all good, but this one is excellent. Multiple story lines that hold your interest throughout.


These books have been my guilty pleasure. 1st to die was awesome and I was hooked. The 5 - 7th books I almost got bored but then the came back strong for the rest o the series. This book was very good, kept the character stories alive and some good twists.

Saints Fan Forever

Great book they keep getting better


I have been a fan of this series from the beginning, and used to be a James Patterson fan. Unfortunately, Mr. Patterson appears to have stopped writing books. This story line was incongruous, jumpy and disjointed. We are left hanging in some areas, and left with anticlimactic results in others. Until the book only has James Patterson's name on the cover, I will not buy another. Even then it will be fearfully.

Gloria Essner

One of the best Womens murder club could not put it down. Can't wait for the next one.


Love Patterson, terrible terrible book. Boring, short, waste of money!


Did I miss something? Is there a last chapter that didn't download? If it just ends like that it's a sadly obvious lead in for a sequel. I liked the book to that point, but the end was very I satisfying.


I could not wait for this book, and am completely let down! This book was all over the place, and not cohesive. I am really hoping that the real James Patterson shows up again for the 14th!