Pale Gray for Guilt PDF Download

Pale Gray for Guilt PDF Download

By: John D. MacDonald & Lee Child
Genre: Hard-Boiled, Mysteries & Thrillers
Relase Date: 1981-11-12


I love John MacDonalds books. He had a clean, writing style that kept the reader interested. This book is a disgraceful imitation, with long boring, detailed descriptions of minute details that had nothing to do with the story. I skipped page after page to get to Childs point. Terrible book, complete waste of money. Child's won't get me again.


Loved this in paperback. You just cannot overstate how good MacDonald's crime fiction is. I loaned one of my Travis McGee novels out to a coworker and he came slobbering back like a hungry puppy for the rest of them. They are addictive.