Big Girl Panties PDF Download

Big Girl Panties PDF Download

By: Stephanie Evanovich
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2013-07-09

Sharon K Sherman

Big Girl Panties does a great job of combining romance, eating disorders and social acceptance. To some degree, we each have our prejudices. This story delves into the consequences of our actions, regardless of our motivations. Well-written.


Since when is it OK for a man to decide a woman is "acting childish" so it is ok to "spank" her? Just what we need, a female writer telling women that it is "sexy" to be dominated by a man. Controlling one's partner through force -- physical, emotional, financial-- is NEVER ok. "Spanking" a woman to shut her up is abusive. Period. How about a respectful conversation instead? I guess that would be boring. I want my $$ back.


Such a great book. The story really held my interest and I can't wait to read more books from this author!


I have read this book several times. I love the storyline and love the fight in holly. The easy flow of this book and what it makes you feel makes this book hard to put down. Just this last time of me reading it took all of one day! Please keep writing your great at it!


Such a great read. Found this book in the airport and the title made me want to buy it alone from the chuckle I had. The perfect read for a trip! I laughed, cried, and ultimately fell in love with this book. I've recommended it to many friends who have had the same reactions. Evonovich is an amazingly talented author and knows just how to write a page turner. Loved it. You'll be happy you bought this book. Now I'm off to put my big girl panties on and go workout! :D


Good read, enjoyable main characters. Liked how the story unfolded. Holly and Logan's story was great. Not sure about the spanking parts, not really needed in the story.


I came across this book on a day at the library with my son! I read it all in one day {even stayed up until 4am} I absolutely LOVED this book and just knew I had to have it in my iBooks collection! Will read it again!


Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich is a thought provoking, funny romantic tale of two unlikely people becoming friends and lovers despite themselves. How does one write about a leading lady who is overweight falling for a Super-Hot personal trainer without turning it into a narcisstic pile of crap? I don't know but I think Stephanie Evanovich definitely managed it. Holly is introverted and shy because of a tragedy in her past, not so much because of her weight. Logan is a personal fitness guru to the rich and famous professional sports celebrities, so when he offers his services (at a great discount) to the woman he was stuck next to on a flight back from Canada he surprises himself. Logan is all about the image, the perfect girl on his arm (girl not girlfriend as he won't settle down) so when he starts to enjoy Holly's company, her wit, and her never quit attitude he's not sure what's going on. Holly knows Logan's hot, she's overweight not blind. When she takes him up on his offer of being a personal trainer she adopts a don't quit, don't complain attitude that has the weight sowing off slowly but steadily. She knows she'll probably NEVER be in a single digit clothing size, but she's starting to get curves, and more importantly confidence. Before either one of these characters notice, they are steadfast friends and with the help of some interfering matchmaking from Logan's friends wife, and after a few disasters, we end happily and uplifted. Holy is at peace with herself and loves herself just how she is - healthy and fit. Logan has put aside his single-minded image of perfection because what he used to think was beautiful doesn't compare to Holly - she is his world. AN enjoyable read with realistic people and a romantic journey that will make you laugh out loud AND cry along the way.


I am not one for reading books for pleasure. However, I was on a vacation and had seen this book around at the airport, so I bought it and really enjoyed it. It was an easy read. I laughed out loud. I was able to put it down, but at the same time couldn't wait to get back to it. I am on the conservative side and was a little nervous when my mom wanted to read it too, guess she'll see why I just couldn't put it down.


Cute book but just so predictable :(


I didn't want it to be over.


Weak book. Thankfully I didn't buy it on iBooks because that would have been a waste. This book is all over the place.. I kept skipping parts that were completely irrelevant to the story line. Don't waste your time.