Mistress PDF Download

Mistress PDF Download

By: James Patterson & David Ellis
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2013-08-05


Not to say that Mistress was not a good book, it was decent and I did enjoy the writing, it's not mentally stimulating. There were many times I felt as if the story was just dragging on, and it was a bit predictable. The book was exciting, and I did enjoy reading it, but Mistress was more of a, I don't really want to think about anything and veg out and read, type of book.


I almost gave this book two stars only because the actual storyline around Diana somehow grabbed my attention and I mildly wanted to know what happened to her. But it just doesn't deserve that. Other than that, this is the most disorganized, manic, repetitive, delusional, grandiose, ridiculous, unbelievable, cheesy, irrelevant book I have ever read. To get to what I wanted to know, I had to trudge through page after page of absolute, headache-worthy nonsense. The main thing is that the book has a ton of potential to be good. What should be the focus of the book gets put aside because the reader is so distracted by the filler. Should remove that stupidity and just make it a novella (and make Ben a little less psychotic and invincible). Patterson, did you owe this guy a favor!?


This book is terrible! Did Patterson write this for real? I've forced myself to read a third of it before giving up. I don't like the characters or the plot development. It's boring and a waste of time.

Hamlet girl

I wish James Patterson would write his own books like he once did. This was his last chance. Nothing like his old suspenseful novels with twist and turns. Not a page turner. Only thing that still remands are short chapters. At the end I lost interest. Good luck,readers.


Very disappointed Hard time reading tempted many times to stop but kept thinking it would get better would not recommend


Stupid book. I hated it.


Collection of ideas from other books intertwined with political history trivia. Lacking in originality. Mr. Patterson sold out. Mr. Ellis needs to come up with his own story not borrow from others. The publisher would probably publish a book with blank pages as long as it had Jim Patterson's name on it. Very disappointed that Mr. Patterson would allow this type of work to represent him. I've always been a fan of his ORIGINAL works. Gets one star because half is not available.


Awesome book, I was on my toes the whole time!! Love it!


While not one of his best, I did enjoy it. Unbelievable? Sure, but then again...it is fiction. Nothing different than an action packed movie. Some reviews found it annoying, but I liked the ramblings of Ben.


Was pretty light reading. Mildly entertaining. Like able characters though.


I was so excited to read this new book. I kept waiting for a story to start. All I'm reading is a guy who talks to himself A LOT. Very little dialogue in the whole book. No true ending either. It's almost as if someone else wrote the book and used Pattersons name. Not a good read at all.


I'm a big fan of Patterson's books, but this one was awful. Must of been written by his co author Ellis, whose style in this book is the constant thoughts of the main character trying to be cute with movie and presidential trivia. Just when something was going to be revealed in the improbable plot, the author would go on a two or three page dialog of silly trivia. Waste of time and money. I read to or three books a week, and always finish the book, no matter how bad it is. I gave up on this when I was half finished and deleted it from my IPad. I'll bet James Patterson didn't read this book.