The Silent Wife PDF Download

The Silent Wife PDF Download

By: A. S. A. Harrison
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2013-06-25


Read it in a day and loved the psychology, but only wish there was more about Jodi, her sufferings, her family and her future.


I had a super hard time getting through this book. It was a drag and not a really satisfactory ending considering how slow/dull it was throughout. I don’t understand where all the praise is coming from.


I think the author definitely needs to learn more about entertainment and it was just all blah blah blah.


A real page turner. Well written, dimensional characters, great plot, with a surprising ending. It was very entertaining and worth reading.


Terrible book ,I skipped about half of it,I think the writer needs to learn about writing.....skip this book it definitely is not girl on the train type of book


No way.


Pretty good story. Interesting characters. A little too much psychology lessons at the expense of plot. Still enjoyed it.

Verbose Boss

There are some problems with this book, such as there no longer seems to be these kinds of women in existence anymore. “Her” is really the epitome of the Stepford Wife, the ‘50’s Wife, the Pre-feminist-era-pill-numbing-psychoanalized Wife. She has just been updated to the twenty-first century in drugs (alcohol), clothes, education, status, and job (part-time, because women of a certain status CAN but don’t NEED to DO IT ALL.) Another problem is “Her” attraction to a self-made man and her total compliance to his faults of character, which eventually lead to her breakthrough/breakdown. Although it was explained away, her family, and especially her father, represented the complete opposite during her childhood. I could go on, but I have to say, I did enjoy the book and the writing, mainly because I suspended my disbelief (much the same as Her) and just went with the flow. And much like Her, I didn’t feel as though my time were wasted, therefore I’m looking forward to future works from this talented author.

1969 Tinkerbell

It was a page turner. The ending seemed improbable


I struggled to finish this book. It really got boring. The murder plot was weak and unimaginative.


The ending was horrible.


The reviews for this book were really rather mixed, but I, glad I gave it a shot. No pun intended lol. It is slow and builds up pretty well, but I felt like the end was rushed a bit. I really felt for Jodi throughout, whereas with Gone Girl (which after reading this was the next recommendation) I felt for neither protagonist. All in all a good read, good storyline.