Crazy Rich Asians PDF Download

Crazy Rich Asians PDF Download

By: Kevin Kwan
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance
Relase Date: 2013-06-11


This was a refreshingly fun read. It was so addictive that I was walking and reading it on my phone everywhere I went. (Not advisable)

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Insightful, funny and a guilty pleasure!

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I quit reading after about the first 25 pages. It’s not my cup of tea. I’ve read stories like this before so I got bored I actually pride myself in learning about different cultures and languages but felt empty and uninspired reading this book. I was happy to see Ormsby get his comeuppance. However, If there was an agenda in this book, I’m certain it was to demonize and degrade certain people and races through humor. An example is how they refer to one race as dog poop. That’s humor? Then, I’ll pass.


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When I first heard about “Crazy Rich Asians” I was pretty conflicted with it, stories about rich people problems, money and high society never really entertained me, but when I saw that it was being made into a movie, I decided to give it a read and boy it was a great choice. The book was hilariously funny and also relatable (in Rachel’s perspective). The book gave off not only funny scenarios but also had a touch of seriousness to it. It was a book filled with equally balanced drama and comedy, although the book was rather confusing with its thousands of characters (what could I expect with asian families?) it was a wonderful read that gave off different feelings with it’s different characters, like Astrid and Peik Lin. Had to stopped myself from reading because I didn’t want it to end! Give it a read and see for yourself!

Is this the final book?

incredible book and trilogy! im super excited to see the movie when it comes out!